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The Ultimate Car Audio System: The Pioneer AVH-3200BT

With a sleek sheen this car audio system really does look the part in your brand new car. Not only that, but it literally has everything you might ever need in your car. It’s a hands free kit, CD player, I-pod and IPhone compatible – as well as a DVD player. It’s the ultimate system that will let you keep in touch and entertained.

Keep Connected

With a parrot Bluetooth module integrated into the Pioneer AVH-3200BT, you can make those much needed phone calls wirelessly. An added bonus is that the system has high quality sound, allowing you to hear the person at the other end clearly. Not only that, but the excellent quality microphone allows you to reply to the other person just as clearly. Say adieu to phone calls with cracking or distorted sounds with this car audio system.

But the real cherry on the top with this system is the fact that you can have up to a 1000 saved names and numbers under 5 different users, which is especially useful when the whole family use it! The AVH-3200BT combines the convenience needed for a busy professional with entertainment in order to get the work-life balance a little more balanced.

Be Entertained

Enjoy practically all of your music and DVD collection on the AVH-3200BT through a variety of different mediums.  It can play:

-DVD’s including DVD-R/-RW discs in VR Mode,

-CD’s including CD-R/-RW as well as Video CD,

-Mp3, wma, wav and AAC files from a CD, an USB or SD card,

-DivX film and JPEG files from CD’s, DVD’s, USB and SD card,



-USB storage device through the front input and,

-AV source’s such as Mp3 players or games consoles through the Aux-in.

The Pioneer AVH-3200BT is the elite machine for in-car entertainment as it combines every possible source of entertainment within one single unit. But what makes this device the crème de la crème is that it uses the new and funky Dual Zone technology which allows the passengers at the front to listen to music, whilst the back passengers can watch their favourite DVD. It is the ultimate entertainment package simply because it can entertain everyone in the car!

Seek Quality

With a touch screen, this device is easy to navigate through without too much trouble. Moreover, you can even personalize you background, menu and even illuminate buttons accordingly to your tastes.

The Pioneer AVH-3200BT also incorporates an 8 band equalizer, allowing you to match up the sound of your system with the sounds of your car, which in turns lessens distortion and any unwanted sounds.

The Pioneer AVH-3200BT is a high quality system that it is at the top of the in-car entertainment field. It combines everything you could ask for in an entertainment package for the busy professional, the commuter and the whole family. It is a perfect system for those who need a full on entertainment package in their car, but also need convenience.

However, it may not be suitable for everyone’s needs so if you don’t want the full entertainment package or to be disturbed by the phone in the car, opt for a much simpler system.

All You Need To Know About Reconditioned Audi Engines

 It goes without saying that owning an Audi car is a matter of great pride. Thus, we can understand you how much you love our car. You must be taking utmost care of your car in order to avoid any kind glitches. God forbid, if a major engine-related issue befalls your car, you would have to look for the best solution. In this case, you should consider buying a reconditioned Audi engine.

If you have mouthed “What on earth the term a reconditioned engine is”, you are reading an apt article. This write-up is written to make you understand what a reconditioned engine all about is and why you should select one.

Lets start with the definition.

As the name suggests, reconditioned Audi engines are engines that have been serviced or repaired. These are primarily used to transform your car’s overall performance. The reconditioned engines are generally installed in older cars or second-hand that require some fine-tuning.

As far as process is concerned, the engine undergoes a full-fledged reconditioning process. During the process, the engine is stripped down to its last component to be built again. Here is the step-by-step process:

  • Cleaning through latest technologies such as dry ice, lasers and enzymes
  • Disassembling of engine parts
  • Inspection of all parts to know their working capability
  • Measuring applicable components
  • Replacing worn out with for new ones
  • Restoration of worn out parts using restored using thermal spray and laser deposition.
  • Reassembling engine parts to make a whole unit

Here, what you need to consider is despite the fact that the engine is repaired or serviced; it has all new internal components that are certified by the manufacturer.

Although, a reconditioned offers performance as good as new one, you have to little careful while choosing such engines. While selecting, you have to check out a few general factors including the engine’s make, its mileage and its condition. You ask your dealer to provide information about it.

Here are the benefits of reconditioned Audi engines:

Affordability: A reconditioned Audi engine would not let you spend a small fortune. Simply put it is less expensive than new one.

Performance: A faulty engine is precisely serviced in order to restore its performance. You do not have to compromise on the performance aspect if you choose a reconditioned engine.

How to Set Up Your Car’s Surround Sound Audio System

It has been decades already that people with mobile electronic systems in their vehicles, particularly car stereos, have pushed it to the limit in order to have the best quality of sound. Once before our grandparent’s cars have these static-filled and bulky AM radios. Then, these gave way to the cassette tape playing stereos and FM broadcasts used in our parent’s cars. Nowadays, car manufacturers offer digital mobile electronic systems that use CD players and even satellite radio that has MP3 playing compatibility.

Then, the car audio was further enhanced by surround sound speaker systems. The concept behind this enhancement is having all the speakers inside your vehicle set up like the surround sound audio system that brings the sound experience of a movie theater in your living room.

Do you want to learn how to bring this sound experience, too in your car? Here are the things you need to do:

1.    The first thing to check off in your list is finding a stereo head unit, which will allow you in wiring in a processor for surround-sound. Your processor will be digital of course, as such your head unit must have a digital signal. Then, you must have cables that are fiber-optic. These are used in transmitting digital signals between each component you use. If you happen to purchase a good head unit but cannot supply a digital signal, you can still use a CD changer that features fiber-optic connection.

The processor must be connected to the CD changer. Remember though that if you play a CD, you would not have a surround sound system through this unit. You can alter this by selecting a surround-sound processor that switches RCA signals and turns them into digital.

2.    Your car must be equipped with a certain high-end DVD unit and/or CD changer that plays the software carrying the surround – sound signals.

3.    Install a five-channel amplifier that has the ability to provide enough power for your front speakers, rear speakers and subwoofers. Each corner of your vehicle and the subwoofers has separate channels.

4.    Your center channel must have a tweeter and midrange speaker of about 4 to 6 inches. This combination must have its very own enclosure. It should also be placed in the central portion of your vehicle’s dashboard.

5.    Then, you must start installing an amplifier for it to run onto the center-channel speakers. Having a two-channel amplifier that is played bridged mono can be okay. However, it should contain electronic crossover that can be built into or be outboard in the amplifiers.

6.    Start installing your speakers in all the four corners of your car. Newer cars already have locations for speakers that work for a surround sound setting. However, if you have an older car, you may need to have some imagination and do some work. You have to add a tweeter high up on the pillar at least shoulder height. A midrange speaker can be used in a factory made opening on your car’s door.

7.    Once all your speakers are in place, set the electronic crossover to course through the center channel. Do not play it full range but opt for around 80 Hz and up to get optimal quality of sound.

Once you have installed everything, start adjusting the system in order to find the volume and sound quality that is perfect for you. You can do this by playing around the amplifier gains and the surround sound processor for the kind of tweaks you prefer.

Why Classic Cars are Better Than New Ones

The start of 2008 brought great hilarity for those of us who keep a keen eye on the motoring industry – and especially those among us who sneer at anything less than a supercar. First, the joy of the internet and email meant I received a picture of a garden shed on wheels (yes, an actual shed) – with a clever fake press release heralding the launch of the new Daewood car! Very funny.

Then, in India, Tata Motors launched the world’s cheapest new car…the $2,500 Nano. Wizened industry-watchers heralded the apparent “breathtaking innovations in manufacturing technology in the global automobile industry based on severe cost-cutting”. Others were not so open-minded, with one United States media presenter describing the car as “a golf cart crossed with a jelly bean.”

But both events got me thinking – why on earth would someone buy a horrible new ‘Eurobox car’ when the money could be better spent on a fantastic classic car? This conundrum always baffles my colleagues at Sureterm Direct – the UK’s leading specialist classic car insurance company – so with their help here are my top 7 reasons to buy a classic car instead of a faceless, cheap, under-powered, Euro-shed.

1. Better insurance deals. Take it from us, as the country’s leading specialist classic car insurer, the costs of insuring a classic MGB if you opt for special features like limited mileage options can be considerably less than cover for a new hot hatch. And we’re not just talking about saving a £10 or so – the difference can run to hundreds of pounds. Classic car insurance quotes can be very competitive.

2. Zero road tax. Yep, that’s right. In the UK classic cars built before 1973 qualify for zero-rated road tax. You have to display a tax disk, but it doesn’t actually cost anything. So there’s £160 banked straight away.

3. It makes financial sense. The moment you drive your run-of-the-mill chunk of far Eastern plastic and metal car off the forecourt you lose 30% of its value straight away in depreciation. You no longer own a new car – you own a second-hand one! But if you invested in a cracking little classic car in good condition – and kept it smart – the chances are it should at least hold its value (and in some cases it might even increase in price).

4. Cheaper repair bills. Let’s say you’re in the middle of a country estate enjoying a picnic in your classic Morris Minor when you carelessly but gently bump into a great oak. You can find a new rear lamp for around 20 quid. However, do the same in your new Kia and the replacement rear light is likely to be at least two times that.

5. You’re more environmentally-friendly. People think old cars use more petrol per mile than new ones – and in some cases they’re right. But it is a well-documented fact that around a third of the energy consumed by a car in its entire life is used to make it in the first place. So buying and using a classic car is recycling par-excellence. Spare parts for older cars are readily-accessible, so keeping your classic running is again very environmentally sound – while many components used in the build of new cars are sealed in and only fit for the bin once they’re no longer of use.

6. You look good. Swing down the street in a gleaming classic MGB and you’ll turn heads. And it feels great to drive around in something that is instantly-recognisable and draws knowing waves, nods and winks from other motorists. Of course, your Far Eastern tin machine might draw hand signals too – but a single finger doesn’t constitute a wave I’m afraid.

7. Social networking. Want to meet nice new friends in great surroundings? Then join a classic car club. For example, there are events for VW Beetle owners almost every weekend. It’s fun – and it’s hard to imagine the same feeling from a field full of Daihatsu Sirion owners.

Beginners Guide: Car Audio Systems

The first step is to determine what your needs are. If you’re unsure, we will first look at the individual components that make up a complete system.

The Head Unit

AKA Source Unite. This is the most important part of your audio system. The decision you make here will either make or break your system, never mind you hearing.

What to look for in a head unit:

Manufacturer: Look for a well know manufacturer i.e. Sony, Alpine, Clarion, Blaupunkt, JVC etc.

Sound Re-production: Accurate sound re-production is a must, forget looks.

Warranty: Good warranty is also a must, avoid Grey-Market units.

Build Quality: Make sure its robust.

Low budget features:

Forget Fascination: Forget colorful displays, flip down panels, inbuilt equalizers, bass boost etc.

Higher budget features:

CD: If your music collection is on CD, then consider a CD head unit or one with a CD changer.

MP3 & WMA: If you have a vast music library then you may want to look for units that can read MP3 and/or WMA music formats.

VCD & DVD: Long journeys will benefit from this feature and keep the kids out of trouble too.

Amplifier: If you planning to add an amp to your car choose a head unit with RCA outputs.


This is the second most important part of your audio system. Speakers convert electronic signals into sound waves.

What to look for in speakers:

Spending: Speakers come in several types, sizes and power ratings. Be careful before spending more money then you need to.

Power: Speaker power is one of the most over-rated features in head units and speakers.

Numbers: Don’t get pulled in by numbers like 300Watts or 450Watts etc. Even the big company’s use this.

Ratings: Don’t buy speakers based upon the company’s ratings like PMPO, Peak Power, Max Power etc.

RMS: Root Mean Square ratings are equivalent of the actual power rating delivered.

Installation: This is one of the most important points of the speaker, “proper installation”. Direction, Height and Placement is key to the sound and if not installed properly can make the sound feel lifeless.

Manufacturer Locations: Usually speaker locations provided by the car manufacturer are not the best, but you can install the speakers in the provided spaces.

Speaker Types:

Coaxial: They are two (or more) speakers’ built-in the same unit. They usually consist of a mid-bass and tweeters. They are cheaper than separate component speakers and easier to install.

Component 2-Way: They consist of a mid-bass and tweeter. They are harder to install then coaxial.

Component 3-Way: They consist of a separate woofer, mid-bass or mid-range and tweeters. They are harder to install then coaxial.

Mid-Bases: Usually 5″ to 8″ speakers that are designed for low frequency sound and fill the frequency gap between the woofer and the tweeter. Because of there size they are hard to fit but do make the sound more lifelike.

Horns: These are funnel shaped speakers that are for staging, they are particularly good for vocal frequencies but are the hardest to install.

Tweeters: Usually 1″ to 3″ in size and great for high frequency sounds. They can be hard to install in some cars as there mounting is usually done around or in the dashboard.

Sub-Woofers: The largest speakers raging in size from 8″ to 24″ and sometimes bigger. They are the most important if you want to feel the beats and not just hear them. The woofer is usually found in the trunk in an enclosure but installations may vary.

Speaker Locations:

Front Speakers: Commonly located in or under the dashboard or in door panels.

Rear Speakers: Located behind the rear seats or in door panels.

Woofer: Depending on size, behind the rear seats or in the trunk.

Tweeters: Usually on the front pillars, front doors or dashboard.

Note: Try out your speaker positions before installing them so that you get the best sound.


Amps amplify or multiply the input signals from the head unit to the speakers. The Amp not only make the sound louder they also make it clearer.

What to look for:

Class: Amps are classified according to their amplification, Class-A, B, AB, and D.

Channel: They can also be classified by their channel, Monobloc 1-Channel, 2-Channel, 4-Channel etc.


They are a combination of series and parallel placed induction coils and capacitors, or either of them. They are given the job of frequency distribution among different types of speaker for distortion free sound reproduction. Inductors stop the high frequencies from passing through.

A combination of these together make a band pass which cut through a certain portion of both the high as well as the low frequencies and are rightly called band-pass crossovers.

Marvellous classic car restoration in Toronto

If your car is in need of repairs you need to ensure that you take it to a car repair mechanic that understands your model of car and has the required tools and equipment to do the necessary repairs.

Classic car restoration 

Do you have a classic car parked somewhere in the garage, something that hasn’t been touched since your dad’s time or even older? Well you just might have a little piece of treasure in that old thing.

Car Quarters are very proficient in classic car restoration. They match the timeless look of the car with whatever capabilities the car has to offer. Of course they may have to upgrade some of the parts with modern stuff, as this helps the car function better too. An upgrade of the mechanisms will give you an upbeat 21st century performance with the classic look still intact. There is no greater joy than having your classic car restoration done.

Toronto Auto Repair

All mechanical engines are in need of repair when they are used frequently and your car is no different. Together with owning a car comes the responsibility of caring for it and maintaining it and this includes regularly servicing it as well. It is advisable to take your car to a good Toronto Auto Repair workshop like Car Quarters. They have a highly qualified professional team of mechanics and staff who know their job and can do a quick repair for you.

Reasonable car repairs in Toronto

When you are considering having you car repaired, cost is an important consideration. The repairs should be easy on your pocket. Car Quarters will do a good job of repairs on your car and only change the parts that need changing. They charge very competitive rates and do not over charge their clients. They also have special deals and offers during some months. With this you can get some jobs in your car done for a steal. It is worth keeping a lookout for these.

State of the art equipment

When a car repair workshop uses high grade equipment you can be sure that they do a very professional job of repair. At Car Quarters they invest in the best equipment for diagnosing the problems in your car and high quality tools for the repairs. They ensure that they use the correct tools and equipment that is required. They have a large facility and a very skilled team to deal with any kind of problem that your car may have. If you find you have a problem that you are not able to determine, bring your car in and Car Quarters will not only diagnose the problem but will give you a cost effective solution to it as well.

Maintaining Your Car’s Paint Job

Maintaining your car’s paint job is so simple that anyone can do it successfully, with the right amount of effort. Neglect its care or use the wrong products, however, and your shiny vehicle may not look so good any more. To make things worse, some urban legends and tall tales about automotive paint care can actually harm the finish. The swirls and dull spots you may notice are almost always the result of using the wrong products and techniques when washing, drying or waxing your car. Below are some helpful hints for keeping your vehicle’s paint job looking good for years to come.


How to Wash Your Car the Right Way

Your vehicle takes a beating. Everything from tar and gravel to birds and bugs take a toll on its finish. Experts recommend washing your car at least twice per month and more often during bad weather. Letting dirt, debris, salt or other foreign substances sit on the paint can cause rust, staining and even corrosion, and can also dull the shine. Never scrub bird droppings off your car. Remove them as quickly as possible by soaking the spot for a few minutes with water (and a little soap if necessary), then rinsing with a spray bottle.

Washing your car should begin with a thorough rinse to dislodge grime. Wash your vehicle by hand, out of direct sunlight, with a soft natural sea sponge or sheepskin mitt, using a gentle detergent made for cars. Never scrub with a brush or anything that could create microscopic scratches in the finish. Rinse your sponge each time before reloading with soap, and change the wash and rinse water often. If you aren’t able to do the job yourself, be sure to seek out a brushless car wash.

Correctly Drying and Waxing a Vehicle

Always dry your vehicle immediately after washing to prevent water spots. Water spots look bad, but they also leave harmful mineral deposits behind that can erode the finish. Dry quickly using a gel-blade squeegee, a large microfiber towel (or both). Start with mirrors and windows, then move to the roof and downward. Use a second, dry towel and go back over it one more time. Use a different towel for wheels and non-painted bumpers to avoid cross contamination between abrasive brake dust and painted surfaces. Don’t neglect waxing, as this is the main line of defense between your car and potential paint damage. Choose a nonabrasive wax and apply with a clean, soft sponge or cloth, following manufacturer’s directions. Avoid parking under trees, as falling sap, leaves or bird droppings can quickly erode the layer of protection that waxing provides.

Professional Auto Detailing Services

Having your car professionally detailed twice or more per year can add years to your paint’s finish. Professional car-wash products and methods will add an extra long-lasting layer of protection. Body-shop detailing services can include buffing out any areas of oxidation and may even be effective for those annoying swirls caused by improper washing methods. Detailing may include special services for removing tar and bug residue, for cleaning the car’s undercarriage and engine compartment or for fine-cleaning the interior.

Having your car detailed by professional auto-body technicians can add years to the life of your finish and keep the car looking new. Most detailers will be glad to offer you professional advice on how to maintain your car’s paint job most effectively.

Land Rover Car Parts For Sale In London

The European Automobile Manufacturer Association is that the main cluster or association of industry in Europe. For over forty years, car Europe makes many styles of European automobile together with Audi, Toyota, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, Morgan, Volkswagen, Volvo, Ferrari, Saab etc. European car offers high level of services and convenience that you simply will not realize at your typical business organization. The technicians WHO square measure a part of European industry square measure ASE certified and add a progressive facility that options 23000 sq. feet and thirteen service bays to service your European automobile. European car covers and entire vary of automotive services and no matter scrutiny or mating is finished by European automobile works for twelve months. Sort of a pc, your BMW or Mercedes need upgrades and new software package so they perform over higher. European automobile offers all of these upgrades. The foremost vital maintenance service that you simply like on your automotive is dynamical oil of auto in time that ensures your vehicle playacting well by extending lifetime of your engine.

A brief list of services that European car Service supply is:

1. Give Air-conditioning service.

2. Transmission system services and clutches and manual services.

3. Scrutiny of Body work referral

4. Check engine lights and fluids levels.

5. Safety scrutiny of your vehicle.

6. Steering and suspension check.

7. Check vehicle’s support.

8. Replace yours vehicle’s oil beside filter.

European car service ne’er creates pressure to shop for any service or elements. As their car care service is fast and convenient, they ne’er waste time. The service that’s not like a shot required, European car service ne’er recommends that sort of services.

If you purchase a  branded automotive like Toyota, BMW, Mercedes or the other sort then one among your primary responsibilities for maintenance of your automotive is to seek out a car repair specialist. European car repair specialist helps you to maintain to take automotive of to keep up your car when AN accident occurred whether or not you’re searching for maintenance or not. it’s vital to decide on car repair specialist WHO has full ability the car and also the person should have enough information of the dynamics that square measure concerned in their maintenance, service and repair. To decide on the correct European car repair specialist, 1st you have got to realize AN insight into your own car’s engineering style and mechanics. Your information can assist you to decide on acceptable car repair specialist WHO will solely handle the mating of cars.

Going through the browsing for European car repair specialists on-line, you’ll simply find native car repair specialist to your town. Then nail down your car repair specialist betting on the reviews revealed by folks. In a different way to seek out sensible, honorable car repair specialist is consulting with an acquaintance that is in European automotive field. By subscribing to European car magazines and by connection some forums on web content that debate on European automotive is that the effective thanks to enhance your awareness relating to maintenance, repair and mating that’s necessary for your automotive. If you would like to avoid rummage around for car repair specialist, you’ll contact to your dealer from wherever to procure the automotive.

European automotive maker’s square measure the instigator for coming up with the powerful engines and sharp automotive body options that offer their cars a significant combination of power and appearance beside the newest technologies. Most of the automobile belongs to the posh vehicle class. Because the European car square measure targeted towards the buyer WHO square measure happiness to the high-income market section, the costs for maintenance, repair and repair of those cars square measure high. To import original car body elements and incorporate new technology, charges for maintenance and mating of European cars square measure undoubtedly on pricey aspect.

Top 10 Tips for Classic Car Restoration

Classic car restoration is one of the most rewarding activities a car enthusiast can perform. Transforming a “seemingly old car” back into a classic vehicle in all of its glory is nothing less than art.

While this is a very exciting activity a car owner must know how to properly evaluate the condition of a car and then establish the level of restoration to be performed to such vehicle. There are 4 levels of classic car restoration, each one should be applied individually depending on the kind of project, budget and purpose. These are the top 10 tips for those classic car aficionados who want to reverse the effects of ‘the sands of time’ on their vehicles:

1. Sit down, grab a piece of paper, a parts catalog which would be relevant to the model you want to restore and run some numbers within your budget. Never deviate from it, otherwise the results will be obvious.

2. Inspect your car very carefully, top to bottom, inside and out; use strong flashlights to inspect the trunk, the engine area, etc. This will help you see the kind of repairs needed to be done to this vehicle. If possible take it to a car shop where it could be lifted to take a good look at the condition from beneath. Here you will determine if a the restoration process is worth the time and money.

3. After inspecting the vehicle, it is also important to decide whether you have a ‘solid’ car which can be restored without replacing the entire frame, floor, axles, etc. It would amaze you how this step can save you major dollars (Euros, Yens, etc.). By ‘solid car’ we are inferring that the car structure should be strong, as well as the floor; a little rust can be repaired but a completely rusty car which has the entire frame compromised will eventually crumble.

4. Decide whether you want to work with a “friend who knows how to repair cars” or a professional. It is often recommended not to involve friends and family on such projects as the time and money invested on this process may cause some trouble if the right procedures are not followed. Cars restored by people other than professionals tend to run well for a couple of years and in some cases start to breakdown thereafter.

5. Have a car restoration professional run some numbers and make sure they match or are close to the numbers you ran on step 1.
6. Decide the level of car restoration:

* Driver restoration: is often performed to get a car back to a fully functional and operational condition, they often include part replacement and minor cosmetic adjustments.

* Street Show: this restoration level involves getting a car into a fully working condition and repairing all major cosmetic problems (body work is required). If judged by a professional it should fall within the 80-89 point range.

* Show Car: restoring a classic car back to this form often requires professional work, if judged by a professional, there restorations and labor quality will fall within the 90-95 point range.

* Concours: this is the highest level of car restoration possible. All the work should be done by professionals, from part replacement to body work. These type of cars are intended for auto shows or private collections and not to be driven. Obviously, the original car to be repaired must be in quite optimal condition to achieve this stage, otherwise a major investment is necessary.

7. Start the restoration process, if possible follow a 2 step procedure (part replacement and chassis adjustments). Visit the car shop as often as possible to make sure the right work is being done. If this is not possible then have your mechanic send you periodical picture updates through email.

8. After the part replacement process is done, visit the shop again to re-inspect the chassis repairs needed, if sheet metal patches are necessary then remember to document the places where they are to be applied.

9. When all major restorations are done run a close and detailed inspection just like it was done during the second step to make sure everything is OK. Take it for a ride and see if it works correctly.

10. Remember to give proper maintenance to your newly restored classic using all the recommended parts and products.

The trick to getting newly restored cars to last for a long time lies within the last step, if the vehicle is properly maintained, in time, it will become a valuable asset and a sure head turner.

Know Everything About Used Ford Transit Engines

Has your car befallen by an engine-related problem? If yes, you can consider buying a used engine in case you do not want to shell out thousands of dollars. Getting a used engine for your beloved Ford Transit not only saves your hard-earned money but also promises optimum performance. In this article, we are sharing some factors related with used engines to make you understand how efficient it is.

Used engine, as the name suggests, is an engine that has been repaired using an old block. During the process, all worn out components such as pistons and cylinders, spark plugs, sumps and connecting rods to name just a few of the parts are replaced with new ones. All this is done in order to restore performance as good as new one.

The old engines are taken out from damaged or scrapped cars, and then they are precisely cleaned using latest technology. Afterwards, the faulty components are inspected and replaced with new one, if required. At the last step of the process, the units are tested on certain parameters such as performance, mileage and others in order to determine their capabilities. This is how the process of repairing is done.

If you ask about benefits of using a used engine, it is affordability. Yes, a used engine does not cost you a fortune. This is why, it is said that you can save a thousands of dollars with a used engine.

You can easily get such engines from dealers offeringused Ford Transit engines. There are many dealers in London that supply engine for any model of Ford Transit, suiting your budget and requirement. Along with this, these dealers offer ready-to-install engines at affordable price tags. All you have to do is take your car to them, they would inspect your car and the engine closely to suggest you the best possible solution. If required, you can get the faulty engine replaced with a used one immediately on the spot.

In order to get reliable product, you are suggested approaching an automotive dealer who has years of experience in the industry and reputation for offering quality units. You can search online for the names of such dealers. Once you find out the dealer, don’t forget to ask about its customer-centric policies, how it works and what type of engine it offers. This will help you crack the best deal.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are upset with your engine’s performance, get it replaced with a used one right away, and enjoy riding your beloved Ford Transit.

Study of Car Engine (internal combustion engine)

Before going into detail account of car engine one should know, what does an engine mean? Engine is a mechanical device which converts energy into the motion or mechanical force. Do you ever notice the engine of your cars? It apparently seems to be a big mess of metallic wires, tubes, channels, valves, cylinders and many more. The car engine aims at converting the fuel energy into mechanical force so that your vehicle can move. This force is produced inside the engine by burning the fuel or gasoline. And hence, it is also called as the internal combustion engine.

Kinds of Internal combustion engine

Diesel engines and Gas turbine engines

-Diesel Engines
In which the heat of compression is used to begin ignition to burn fuel, which is penetrated into the combustion chamber during the final stage of compression.

-Gas turbine or Rotary (spinning) engine
It takes out energy from a flow of burning gas. It has a burning or combustion chamber in between the upstream compressor joined to a downstream turbine.

Now we will discuss some of the important parts of engine:

Key Parts and Tips

Internal and exhaust valve are used for two opposite reasons. Exhaust valve discharge the burnt fuel from the chamber whereas intake valve direct the amount of air and flow that is released into the chamber on ignition stroke.

-Piston and Flywheel
Piston is found inside the cylinder moving up and down, also called a moving cylinder. Flywheel is another part in the engine which is usually used to keep the momentum intact.
-Connecting rod
It is a rotating rod which can move or rotate either side. It joins the piston to the crankshaft.

Piston’s up and down motion is converted into circular motion with the help of this shaft.
-Fuel Trap or Sump
The fuel trap or sump encircles the crankshaft. Its purpose is to store the oil.

-Cooling Systems
In the course of severe driving and continuous use of your vehicle, the engine might get overheated. To avoid this there must be present a healthy cooling system in each car to make your engine cool. There is present a cooling fan and a radiator which contains the antifreeze fluid which helps to maintain the temperature of the engine and avoid the overheating problem.

-Starter Systems
Spark plugs are the essential part of the starter system. Spark plugs produce spark to ignite the air/fuel mixture. It is necessary to keep this thing in mind that the spark at the right time is of great importance for things to work properly.

-Lubrication Systems
Proper lubrication of all the parts is important for your vehicle healthy performance. Improper lubrication leads different parts to produce friction which may result in the malfunctioning of the part. Lubrication makes part frictionless so each part performs its best for longer period of time. Improper lubrication shortens the part’s life

Find Land Rover Car Parts In South London

Land Rover desires a trifle a lot of correct care and interest than several gift day vehicles, however if you give it therewith very little further like it ought to compensate you well by maintaining away what may probably be terribly overpriced fix expenses. This tip is especially essential with the fuel Freelanders however is actually price doing with any Freelander. Examine your stage ideally once per seven days and before you persist any long trip and you’ll discover you’ll before long tell if your Freelander is exploitation a lot of water than regular and obtain the difficulty seen to before it will serious hurt to your motor.

This tip can preserve you infinite numbers on having to substitute different areas of the generate apply as a result of they got hurt by operative your sticky combining device (VCU) on the far side its helpful modus vivendi. do not hold out for any signs, by that point it may be too delayed, simply chew the subject and ensure you modify that sticky combining device (VCU) each seventy,000 kilometers.

I know this is often essential for any automobile however that does not mean we have a tendency to should not be continuance it united of the foremost essential tips for taking care of your Freelander. and do not simply give it with a simple oil modify help, the diesel oil style particularly has some terribly essential filtration that require to be changed systematically if you do not modify these you’ll harm your whole engine. The red fluid’s structure is correct for the Freelander Google; do not place the other coolant in there, considering they’re all an equivalent. If your Freelander still has the previous individual half seal mounted then do not hold out for it to strike – modify it currently, it’s going to be a lot of less costly that manner.

Again a tip that ought to be apparent for any automotive owner however it’s impressive however typically we do not adhere to it! do not simply examine the stage of the oil, take the polish off and examine there’s no water going in it (if this is often matters your oil would look frothy, and you’d typically get this frothy remains on the among of the merchandise cap.) I know, particularly throughout the cold months season, we do not actually need to induce down on the ground and appearance below our vehicles, however it’s actually price doing it each once during a whereas. Have a quick check up on the IRD device (transfer box) connected with the highest facet of your brace base, and therefore the back differential connected with the rear of your brace base, and make certain there’s no unseaworthy.

Freelander may be a style created by space Rover. it’s a trifle 4×4 automotive that’s designed for each the road and off street use. it’s not but a go anyplace 4×4 because it doesn’t have a coffee rate gear box like a number of its larger bros like the Defensive player and selection Rover. it’ll get you off a unclean space with convenience Associate in Nursingd an improbably long manner off the defeated monitor. Freelander vehicles are available in a spread of motor designs from the one.8 fuel to the v6 fuel additionally because the BMW procured TD4 diesel oil motor. The Freelander additionally came with either a five rate guide or a five rate machine-driven gear box.

Buying salvage vehicles and/or salvage parts

Thinking of buying a salvage vehicle or parts?

Buying an insurance write off or salvage vehicle can be a fun project for a mechanically minded person and save you money too.  Similarly, buying second hand or salvage car parts to either fix your current vehicle or to help in a salvage car restoration project can really reduce costs and help with the environment too by recycling rather than disposal.

Salvage VehicleSalvage Jaguar

If you are looking for damaged repairable cars for sale then it’s important to ensure that you buy from an accountable and reputable vendor and if you are doing the work yourself, to have the necessary experience or skillset to know what you are looking for.  Taking a gamble with written off cars or salvage parts is a bad idea.  Bad choices could leave you with a death trap.  Well sourced salvage parts and/or vehicles on the other hand come with certain guarantees  and potentially could save you money and make an otherwise unobtainable vehicle a viable choice.  For a more detailed guide to where to buy salvage parts and what to look out for, take a look at Salvage car parts – a definitive guide.

Salvage PartsSalvage Door


Research and vigilance is important.  Cat C and Cat D vehicles are both eligible to be sold as salvage vehicles.  The Cat status refers to the extent of the damage sustained with Cat D having the least and is given by the insurance company who has written it off.  A recent revision of the Vic test rules by the DfT (Department for Transport)means that a Vic test is no longer required for Cat C vehicles.  A V5 will still need to be issued but it is now free.    A full explanation of the insurance write off categories and a guide to buying salvage vehicles including more on the recently abolished Vic test can be found in our damaged repairable cars definitive guide.

The plus points to buying salvage

Buying a salvage vehicle and/or salvage car parts can save you money

It has a more positive impact on the environment to reuse and recycle second hand parts from damaged vehicles

The recent changes to the Vic Scheme mean that repair costs are now lower

Cars which are repaired to a high standard by a qualified mechanic are just as safe as any other car

Using salvage parts makes it easier to obtain obsolete parts and can extend the life of your vehicle

What to look out for

Always use a reputable company such as AFF vehicle services who are an authorised and accountable vehicle recycling and processing facility for salvage cars and parts.

Make sure repairs are done by a qualified mechanic.  Poor repairs could end up costing you money and could potentially leave a car unsafe to drive

Make sure that you accertain as much information as possible when purchasing second hand salvage parts

Global and China Automotive Audio and Infotainment Industry Report

The factory OEM market is dominating the global auto audio industry while aftermarket mainly refers to changing audio cassette into CD player. Consumers will seldom modify the audio system if it is already a CD player. In 2009, the global auto audio industry still centered on the factory OEM market while the aftermarket only occupied 14.4% of the entire market scale. The global auto audio market is maturely developed, so there is small growth space for this market and the price keeps falling. It is estimated that the market size of auto audio during 2010-2012 will not experience a substantial increase, nor will the market size of auto audio aftermarket.

The auto audio in China is also led by the factory OEM market with the major manufacturers of auto audio covering Fujitsu-ten, Siemens VDO, Mobis Shanghai, Delphi, etc., of which, Fujitsu-ten enjoyed the largest shipment in 2009 with the market share reaching 15%.

Automotive Infotainment is a kind of equipment combining both automotive information system and entertainment system. In 2009, the global shipment of auto Infotainment was decreased, mainly owing to the declined demand of premium automobiles worldwide. The global shipment of auto Infotainment is mainly concentrated in Japan, European Union and North America, wherein, the shipment of auto Infotainment in Japan in 2009 accounted for 32.6% of the global total shipment.

In the factory OEM market of auto Infotainment, the manufacturers that possess more than 10% market shares include Continental, Becker, Denso and AisinAW, while in the aftermarket, the ones with over 10% market shares cover Pioneer, Panasonic, Becker, Blaupunkt, and Alpine.

The manufacturers of automotive Infotainment in China are primarily composed of foreign-funded enterprises and joint ventures, of which, the foreign-funded enterprises approximately occupy 50%, the joint ventures about 40%, and Chinese local enterprises only 10%.

Table of Contents

1 Global Automobile Industry and Market

2 China Automobile Industry and Market

2.1 Recent Development
2.2 Brand Pattern
2.3 Sales Data
2.4 Export
2.5 Financial Status Quo of Major Automobile Groups

3.1 Profile
3.2 Industrial Mode & Function
3.3 Development History
3.4 Status Quo
3.5 TELEMATICS in China
3.6 Market and Industry

4 Market and Industry of Auto Audio System
4.1 Profile
4.2 Industry Chain
4.3 Market
4.4 Market Share of Global Manufacturers
4.4.1 Factory OEM Market
4.4.2 Major Suppliers & Proportions
4.4.3 Aftermarket
4.5 China Auto Audio Industry and Market
4.5.1 Auto Audio Manufacturers and Whole Vehicle Manufacturers
4.5.2 China Auto Audio Market
4.5.3 China Auto Audio and Infotainment Industry

5 Auto Infotainment Industry and Market
5.1 Industry Chain
5.2 Market
5.3 Market Share of Global Major Manufacturers
5.4 Supply Proportions of Global Auto Infotainment Manufacturers and Automakers
5.5 Market Share of In-vehicle Communication

6 Global Auto Audio & INFOTAINMENT Manufacturers
6.1 Harman International
6.2 Continental Corp.
6.3 Pioneer
6.4 Foryou Group
6.5 Alpine
6.6 Clarion
6.7 Delphi
6.8 Visteon
6.9 Hangsheng Electronics
6.10 Panasonic
6.11 Fujitsu Ten
6.12 Aisin Seiki
6.13 Denso
6.14 Panyu Juda Car Audio Equipment Co., Ltd.
6.15 Mobis
6.15.1 Mobis Shanghai
6.15.2 Hyundai AUTONET
6.17 Coagent Electronic S&T Co., Ltd.
6.18 Shenzhen Baoling
6.19 JVC Kenwood
6.21 BOSE

Classic Vintage Cars are Not Just Old Cars

Although the definitions might be different but what draws similarity between all the above mentioned terms is their relation to the past. Any old car might not be called a classic but a classic vintage car is definitely an old car that holds the characteristic features of a particular era. There are various conceptions in automobile lovers regarding the actual categorization of vintage and antique cars.

Solving the definition dilemma of classic vintage cars

Here we would deal with the terms veteran, vintage and classic sequentially. Firstly speaking of veteran cars, these are automobiles belonging to the pre – World War I era. Similarly a vintage car is a car that belongs to the era before the 1930s. Cars that fall in the time period from the 1930s to the World War II are termed as post vintage.

It is really a difficult task to draw a consensus over the definition of classic vintage cars. Some of the automotive organizations consider cars belonging to the 1940s as classics. On the other hand some other automobile organizations also refer to the cars belonging to the 1980s as vintage. However different the notions regarding classic or vintage cars be, all the automotive enthusiasts can deny the fact that a classic vintage car always possesses the ability to turn heads.

What makes a car qualify as a classic is its aesthetic appeal. Vintage cars might draw attention and appreciation of spectators owing to its timeless engineering beauty or design credentials that are symbolic of any particular era in the history. Theclassic vintage automobiles can be judged on the basis of three main ingredients namely age, desirability and rarity.

These beautiful machines always have an envy factor associated with them giving you a ride that others just dream of having. If the value of an old automobile model has sudden started showing upward trend from its previously falling nature it directly refers to one fact, i.e. it has reached the classic status. For instance the Ferrari Testorossa is one of the most famous classic cars in the present day.

Generally the restored version of a classic vintage car is priced lower than its concourse version. In the year 2013, July the most expensive car sold on auction was definitely none other than a classic model. It was the Mercedes Benz W196 Formula one car which was driven by none other than Juan Manuel Fangio also referred as the El Maestro in the racing world. This classic car was bid at a price as high as 19600000 euros.

However it’s not that modern day cars do not have the appeal of the classics.For instance the new Ferraris and Bugatti models are very well known as modern classics.

The Part that Precision Press Molding Plays in Creating Car Parts

It is highly likely that many of you will have never really taken the time to consider just where the parts that make up a car come from. You will take a trip down to an auto body shop and pick out your needed parts without ever thinking about how those parts came into being.


Well, a good portion of car parts are created using a specially designed press mold which has been built and supplied to the manufacturer from companies.


These press molds have to undergo a number of different tests to ensure that they are exact in size and shape and are what the automotive manufacturer is looking for.


Once these press molds have been skillfully designed, developed, and constructed, they are sold to the automotive manufacturer who then uses these molds to mass produce the car parts that the molds represent.


What Parts are generally made By Press Molds?


Press molds can be developed and constructed for a wide variety of different car parts. Everything from the exterior paneling, interior paneling, and seat covers, and even the heads of the gear sticks are constructed using a high quality press mold. In fact there is not too much that cannot be created as even parts of the chassis are often created by press molds.


A number of different materials can be used in a press mold and they are usually created using a combination of a hydraulic press, some heat, and a raw material that could be anything from metal alloy, rubber, or plastic.


The process of creating the parts includes placing the materials in the press mold, applying heat and pressure from the hydraulic press before the finished product is ready to be finalized through being painted and flashing.


The Benefit of Using Compression Molding


The main benefit of having press molds built and used for the manufacture of car parts is that it is an extremely cost effective process. Molds do not cost that much, especially from well renowned brands whilst labor costs are also not as much as what would be found with other methods.


Additionally, there are only small amounts of wasted materials as any they can be simply be recycled and used again in a future mold. The savings made by here can be better spent by car manufacturers on other areas of the product that could essentially make them better.

The final benefit that is by using a press mold for car parts, you can be sure of a consistency across all parts made as well as being produced at an efficient rate.

How to Spray Paint a Car – Spray Painting – Car Paint Gun Operation

One thing is for sure if you are going to be a paint technician then how good you are at it will all depend on how well you learn to operate your spray guns. They are the tools of the trade and can mean the difference in your being an excellent paint technician or a poor one. Not only must one learn the various techniques involved with the spray guns there is also a must have knowledge to be gained in how to maintain the spray guns to keep them in their optimum working condition. You can have all the techniques mastered but if your gun is not operating properly then in won’t matter about your techniques.

You have to visualize what the spray gun is doing when in operation such as taking tiny droplets of paints then breaking these droplets down into thousands of small particles. What gives the spray gun its ability to do this is its nozzle set. This is the air cap, paint needle and the fluid tip. There are variables that determine the size of those thousands of droplets of paint. It will depend on the viscosity of the streams of fluid as well as how much surface tension is present. The reason you don’t get a steady stream of paint running out is because of the compressed air at the nozzle.

Getting on to the techniques of the gun when you slightly apply pressure to the trigger the air valve opens. With a little more pressure, it opens the fluid tip needle and allows the paint to flow.

If you are using a gravity gun. The amount of fluid dispersed is controlled by the viscosity of the paint. The flow is also determined by the fluid tip as well as the needle adjustment. As a rule of thumb, the gun should be almost fully open. With pressurized fluids, air pressure also affects the flow.

Equipment Set Up
Knowing how to work with atomization is the key to the proper set up. The combinations of the variants must be just right. For example the exact blend of the right nozzle with the correct pressure settings combined with fluid flow and fan width all the way they are suppose to be determines the outcome. Ideally, for the standard guns try and use only enough pressure to give you the best atomization and spray pattern.

If you are new to the world of spray painting the best advice in the beginning is keep it simple. In other words, use a type of spray gun that is going to do the job you need it for. There is no need to purchase a spray gun that has a lot of additives to it if you don’t require them. On the other hand, if you are going to be using your spray gun on a regular basics then you may want something a little more advanced, as you will likely need it as you venture into your paint jobs.

High quality Auto Spray Paint Las Vegas services

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Have A Full Knowledge Of Car Body Parts

When you customize your Car with appealing and well executing Carbonfiberhood, your choice will reflect your selections and assure people about your preferences and personality. Thus, Customization of Cars will prove to be pleasing, as you will make a style statement with your Car. Everybody of you likes their own Car and wishes it to look beautiful and strong.

There are few accessories which can build your Car to a strong and more beautiful. These Accessories can even modify the everlasting look of your old Car and it will become stylish one. Some of the people like their Car to change oftentimes. Some owners like their Cars and never like to change it. These owners wish that their Car should be very comfort, strong and great looking and for that they employ many alterations to their Car. Some of the people wish to modify the look of Car often. Boys need a racing car and they change their Car according to the interest.

When you like to customize your Car, there you will be modifying some of the major aspects of your Car. The changes can be related to performance, looks, sound and the utility of the vehicle. The looks can be modified by bringing few changes in the color and contours of the car. The functioning of the Car can be raised in lot of ways and one of the major changes that are seeable will be in the Car Body kits. The improvements that are done in the Car will have a best utility value although you drive the car. Car modification has get a fad with the young generation and is earning popularity because of the easy accessibility of the aftermarket Products. Carbodykits and other outer parts like aftermarketrearbumper are usable easily and you can make online purchases as well.

Almost each and every Car brand has bestowed out the external parts in order to build it convenient for the clients to personalize their Cars. Two types of bumper are utilized in Cars Front bumper and Rear bumper. Car Bumpers are the most popular Car parts People look for. If you are not capable to ascertain what you are searching for at Auto Parts stores, you can get them Online and acquire them got in to your door if you are leaving to pay for delivery Costs.

You can buy front Bumper and Rear bumper separately.  Aftermarket Front Bumper, aftermarket Rear bumper are normally used now. Car body kit is usually utilized to provide a new great look to the Car. The main purpose is to utilize enhancive tools for your Car. The young guys broadly like to modify their Car with appealing Carbody kit.

Here are the Benefits of Buying Reconditioned Audi A3 Engines from an Automotive Supplier

Its goes without saying that the engine is the heartbeat of your car and one of the most expensive components. If you are unlucky to have an engine fail, and you are not rich enough to buy a new one, you can consider reconditioned engine. Selecting a reconditioned engine for your beloved Audi A3 over a brand new one will be a reliable and cost effective decision. This would help you save hundreds of dollars without making any compromise on functionality and quality.
Now, you must be pondering upon what a reconditioned engine is all about, and where you can get it from. Read further to get your curiosity satisfied.

Lets start with the definition.

Basically, reconditioned Audi A3 Engines are the engine that are built on an old block using new components namely cam bearings, re-ground crankshaft, main bearings and connecting rod bearings, new timing chain, new rocker arms, new camshaft, new valve lifters, water-pump, new oil pump and new pistons. The cylinder head will have new valves, valve guides and retainers.

A lot of work is done to an engine to make it highly functional and error-free. Therefore, if you are unable to buy a new engine due to whatever reasons, you can get a reconditioned engine from a reputed provider and supplier of automotive parts in London, UK.

Here are some benefits of buying a reconditioned engine from a supplier.

When it comes to buying a refurnished engine for your beloved car, you must be looking be an engine that can meet technical and mechanical specifications of it. It is quite difficult to understand such configuration on your own; here a supplier can help you. Engine providers can make you comprehend your car’s specification and provide you the best solution.

A company that deals in reconditioned engines can provide warranty on each of its products for at least one year or up to certain miles. This offer may give you peace of mind that you are cracking an ideal deal.

A reputed supplier would have a sales team that understands your car’s technical demand and provides you advice accordingly. The team also answers all your queries related to the engine and its installation, whenever you want.

A provider, who has goodwill in the automotive market, will never sell inferior products to make money. Therefore, you can trust on them in all terms, from quality to client-servicing policies.

For more information on reconditioned Audi A3 Engines, you can approach a reliable e-tailer in London, UK.

How To Paint Your Classic Car Like A Pro

How To Paint Your Classic Car Like A Pro After the finish body work is done, and your primer has been sanded to 600 grit wet, you can mask your classic car, and get ready for paint, if your lucky you can rent a paint booth for a day to paint the car, if renting a paint booth is the plan, you should wait to mask your car, until you get there.

I always suggest that you rent a booth, unless you have a garage that you can clean, blow out, and hose down until it’s absolutely dust free, if there is any dust around your car, it will be in the paint in the end, where if you rent a paint booth, they are usually kept clean, all you have to do is water the floors.

Now that you ready to paint your car, no matter where you have chosen to do the work, you need to be sure that you have all of the supplies that you need, because once you start to paint, you can’t just stop and make a run to the paint supply store, below I’ll add a list of the supplies you need. Supply List

  • 1) Paint
  • 2) sealer
  • 3) reducer
  • 4) Catalyst
  • 5) Tack Cloths, preferably designed for clear coat
  • 6) Measuring Cups
  • 7) Stir Sticks
  • 8) Measuring Stick
  • 9) Strainers
  • 10) Respirator in working order
  • 11) Paint Prep Cleaner

The list above is a list of the supplies that you’ll need to paint your classic car, you cannot skimp on this list to save money, you will need every item on it, so be ready to spend some money on it, on average your supplies will cost between $600.00 and $2,000.00 depending on what you use to paint your car.

Now that we know that the car is masked, we’ll prep clean it, this will clean any contaminants off of the surface of the primer, after you have done this you can tack cloth the car, this is done to remove small dust particles from the surface of the car.

Now I will give you a few things to think about, when painting with metallic paints then you must pay allot attention to the settings on your paint gun.

Metallic paints will tend to get lighter if the pressure goes up and darker if it goes down, your fluid flow and fan on your gun will also effect this.

Now I will give you a basic mixing chart, most paints will follow this chart. Instructions

1) get your paint ready to pour.

2) make sure that your mixing cup is clean.

3) Get your strainer and sticks.

4) Put a strainer in the top of the measuring cup.

5) Now pay close attention to the level of paint in the cup. Paint Mixing Table.

Always be sure to read and follow the paint manufactures mixing guide lines.

These mixing ratios are just a basic idea of what to do, things will change with different manufactures.

Recommended Air Pressure At Gun Head.

Paint Mix Ratios.

Paint Product.25-40 PSI Mix 4:1:1

Base Coat 25-40 PSI Mix 4:1:1

Sealer 25-40 PSI Mix 4:1:1

Clear Coat 25-40 PSI Mix 2:1:1

Primer Coat When using a spray gun, you try to achieve a certain spray pattern of spray coming out of the gun, this is done by adjusting the air pressure at the tip of the spray gun, also the fan of the paint, and fluid flow of the paint, all of these factors will make, or break your paint work.

What your looking for in a perfect spray pattern is very simple, it will consist of a fan 4-6 inches wide, that has no dry spot in the middle, or heavy spot on either end of the spray fan, once you achieve this type of spray coming from the gun, your ready to go.

Remember do not test you spray pattern on the paint booth wall, or on your car, take a piece of masking paper, and hang it on the wall of the booth, and use that to test your spray gun, if you rented my booth, and sprayed on the wall of it, I would charge you to remove the paint from the wall.

You should always follow the manufactures recommended paint mixes, and spray pressure, the manufacture know more about their product then anybody else does, if you follow what they sat to the letter, your paint should look great.

Classic Car News: Wood You Buy A Car Made Of Mahogany?

The colourful spectrum of classic cars which stretch across many decades include some weird and wonderful creations, but the weirdest of all has to be the 1932 Talbot 14/65 Boat Tail Tourer. With a body made purely of wood, this timeless beauty will be a truly unique buy for the lucky owner who snaps it up at auction next month.

“Brooklands’ historians estimate the car is worth a very affordable £20,000 to £30,000”, according to traditional boat-builders Henwwod and Dean. The Serious Wheels website has reported that even with no oars, no rudder, no propeller and questionable cruising credentials, this latest consignment to Brooklands auction on December 4th is still sure to float the boat for many classic car enthusiasts.

Starting its life as a simple saloon car, this vintage Talbot was given a new lease of life by a boat builder, who constructed and carefully crafted this Tourer from planks of the finest Honduran mahogany.

Not many classic cars can claim to have a nautical twist, but fortunately for this little trinket its unique selling point makes it stand out from the rest. In keeping with true British sports car tradition, comfort is kept to a bare minimum”, according to, with “two small rectangular aero screens, a tonneau cover and a pair of 9 inch diameter headlamps”.

As well as the charming outer aesthetics, this classic has a black leather interior with art deco detailing to reflect the era the car was built. With such distinctive intricate detail the 1932 Talbot would make a great contribution to any classic car enthusiast’s collection.

Top Four Tips To Keep Engine Fighting Fit

If you wish to get the best performance from your car, it is very important to keep the engine fighting fit. But, it can only be achieved with regular care of the engine. It needs to be looked after. You have to spend time on its regular maintenance to keep it in good running condition. If you do not have any idea how to take care of the engine, you must go through this article. This article contains a few engine care tips that promise effective results if taken seriously. Stay on top of these tips to keep yourself from shelling out more cash to get engine-related problem resolved later down the road.

Oil Change

Changing the oil on a specified time period is one of the best things that you can do with your car’s engine. Oil keeps engines parts well lubricated which further protect them from being overheat. The most recent standard for modern cars is to change the oil every 5000 miles, i.e., 8,047 kilometers. It is very to change the oil in order to avoid permanent damage to the engine over time. Along with this, get the oil filter changed periodically because it catches all the dirt and debris floating around inside of the engine. With a new oil and filter, your car’s engine will work in an efficient manner.

Cooling System

You need to look after the cooling system of your car in order to keep the engine performing well. The cooling system includes the radiator, thermostat, water pump and coolant. To avoid overheating of engine make sure the proper amount of coolant, radiator fluid, is circulating throughout the engine.

Checks for leaks

You need to check that oil and antifreeze—the two main fluids—are not leaking out of the engine. Intense heat and pressure can affect engine hoses. So, it is a good idea to check under your hood to detect leakage from the engine.

Spark Plugs and Wires

You are advised not to avoid spark plugs and wires. The wires running from the distributor send an electrical current to the spark that generate a spark to ignite the fuel and air mixture in the cylinder. If they are too old, they can affect your engine’s performance. It is recommended to change them every 48, 280 kilometers.

These are the tips that you should take into consideration in order enhance life of your car’s engine. If you are having any engine-related problem and want to get it replaced, you can think about reconditioned engines. There are many online retailers offering Reconditioned Nissan Navara Engines and for other cars at affordable price.

How to Restore, Paint & Chrome Damaged Car Emblem & Hood Ornaments

Most car enthusiasts want to restore their car’s logo emblems for their beauty.  Beyond enhancing any car’s appearance, original emblems also increase it’s re-sale value. You can purchase New Original Stock (NOS) emblems via the internet and local car shows, but you can save money by painting the originals you already have.  Vintage, cast emblems have paint-filled depressions in a many colors.  Most emblems are fastened to the car’s metal body parts, and must be removed from the car for restoration. Emblems mounted on the car body feature pegs in the back. Punch holes in a cardboard box and slide emblem’s pegs through the holes to hold it in place.  If you can not remove them, take the car to a body shop.

Car collectors save vintage badges and emblems because original parts are important to the car’s authentic restoration. Many suppliers now manufacture reproduction emblems (especially in China).  Most reproduction badges don’t carry those original part numbers. New old stock (NOS) emblems are becoming harder to find, making them more expensive, so always try to save your original emblems!

Tools Needed For This Job:

Soap & Water

Toothbrush (any small brush)

Clean rags

Safety glasses

Safety gloves

Hobby knife

Paint stripper

Small, pointed paintbrush

Model paint

Paint thinner

Steel wool (extra fine)

Chrome polish


Is the plating on your original emblems in good condition? If so, matching model paint, a small-pointed paint brush and paint thinner will quickly bring your emblems looking like new again. To find the “correct color,” take your emblems to the hobby shop with you. NOTE:  Model paint needs a temperature of @70 degrees or less to flow well and dry slowly.


Car emblems are divided into depressed areas with metal ribs. You must clean chipped or scratched areas to the bare, smooth metal BEFORE you even attempt to add any new color. If there are only a few chips, they can be scraped down to bare metal with the tip of a small knife.  You might need paint stripper to fully clean out some areas.  NOTE:  Never sandblast chrome, as it will ruin the plating!  You can use a toothbrush to remove dirt in the tiniest  corners. After you remove the old paint, clean the emblem  with paint thinner and wipe it off well with a clean cloth. Now, set it aside to dry completely.  Then, wash it with soap and water, and wipe thoroughly again with the clean cloth. NOTE:  Always work in a well ventilated area and properly dispose of all used containers and rags.


Before opening, shake the model paint by hand for a couple of minutes.  Mix the model paint, making sure it’s at room temperature, so thin enough to flow freely. Pour small amounts into a clean, separate container if you are going to dilute the paint with thinner.  Put a drop of paint on the end of the small, pointed paintbrush and gently, slowly place it into the emblem area you wish to paint. NOTE: DO NOT BRUSH or PUSH the paint into the area.  Simply allow several drops to flow together and fill the space. If the paint is too thick, it will not “flow” enough.  You must add more paint thinner to the paint bottle to “thin it.” Then, apply more of the now flowing paint until your area is fully covered. Position the emblem so it is level and let it dry thoroughly before handling. This can  take a few minutes, or a few hours, depending on the thickness of the paint.  You can use a hairdryer. or CLOSED sunny window, to speed up drying time.  NOTE:  You must clean the brush thoroughly before you apply a new paint color. Do this by washing the brush in the paint thinner several times.


Car emblem details are very tiny, so some paint will always end up “flowing” where it doesn’t belong.  Let the paint dry overnight, then scrape unwanted paint off with a small knife.  Scrape any spills or uneven paint, including raised edges.  Patience is the key to success when working with extremely detailed, small pieces. NOTE: some imperfections were already present in the factory emblems, so you’re not seeking perfection now. Emblems are mostly viewed from several feet away, and they look “perfect” from that distance.


Now that you’ve let the paint dry on your entire emblem, the last step is to polish the chrome until it shines like new again.  Polish the chrome plating with a small piece of fine, steel wool. NOTE:  Carefully avoid touching your new paint job…or you risk redoing it again. You can also apply a little fine chrome polish with the steel wool for extra shine.

6×9 Speakers Car Audio

There are a few things you should consider before deciding what 6×9 speakers you need. Firstly, where do you want the speakers mounting, in the front or back of the car, in a built in console? Do you want to display them or hide them? What type of audio do you want to achieve from them (there are more than you think) are the speakers to replace other factory speakers or are they to complement other components? And do you need them amplifying? As you can see from a few sample questions there can be a lot of thought required before purchasing the correct speakers for you.

Hopefully i can provide a little information that will help you make a decision.

First of all and probably the most important, where are you going to mount them. 6×9 speakers are an odd size that very few vehicles cater for. This means you will have do a little more work to install them. Either cutting into a parcel shelf (which i wouldn’t recommend, unless you like the untidy look?) or boxing them and building a surround. This is usually done in the boot but is some 6×9 can be added under seat or hidden in consoles. Which in my opinion is the better option as installing them in the boot reduces the sound (which is the reason you want them right?)

What Audio do you want from them?

6×9 speakers are good at producing mid range sounds, this is why many people use them in conjunction with subwoofers and tweeters. Most 6×9 car speakers are capable of producing a decent amount of bass, and can achieve quite high frequencies as well, so there often used to bride a gap between Subs and Tweeters to stop the mid frequencies being drowned out.

Are the Speakers replacing any other car speakers?

Well the chances are that your car will not have 6×9 speakers, but this does not mean you can’t install them. Often a amplifier is needed to power them, however you can wire straight from the speaker out sockets on the stereo. If you wire from the stereo it’s likely that the 6×9 speakers will be under powered, and the performance of the speakers will be compromised.

How much do I need to spend on them?

Prices on 6×9 speakers vary depending on the quality. Prices start a around £30 and can go right up to £250 or more for a good pair. Although you can pick up a decent set for £60 that will be sufficient in most good audio installs. In conclusion, 6×9 car speakers are beneficial if you want a boost to your audio system or to complete a component set. If you’re looking for a small boost you should be looking to spend in the region of £25-£40 but if you have a good quality SQ install don’t be cheap and go for a £250 or mre set, pair with a good amp and you’ll be laughing

Choose the Best in Car Audio Implementation

You’ve got a ride for a reason. It’s not only to get from point “A” to point “B”. Any vehicle could do that! But you want to get there in a comfortable, stylish way. You want to listen to the music that you want to listen to. Stop by the places you want to go. But if the sound system in your ride isn’t what it should be, for goodness sake, why don’t you do something about it? You know how much life you get? This much: ” – “. You know what that is? The dash on your tombstone. You Lived 00 – 00, AD; may you rest in peace. There’s not a lot of time in ” – “, is there? So why are you wasting it with a sub-par sound system! Get an audio system implemented that does the trick.

But you’ve got to be sure that the right individuals are consulted for the job. You’re looking for experts in custom design, sale and integration, because your vehicle has an individuality about it which is specifically facilitated by you over time. You want that audio system to fit perfectly–that little dash representing your life doesn’t have a great variety of longevity to it! You mustn’t waste time with a system that’s sub-par. For car stereo installation in Sydney, you want the best of the best. Car systems with sound proofing options, subwoofers, smart phone integration–you should expect all these things! Digital TV, Digital Car Radio–what about DVD with headrest and roof screens? Add onto that GPS Navigation and car alarm systems that include monitoring options. These are all things you should expect from cogent car stereo installation experts in Sydney. Also, you should expect these things from the finest brands in the industry. Brands like Alpine, or Clarion; Pioneer, or Morel. Arc Audio, or Gladen. Mosconi, Image Dynamics, and a collection of others.


Audio installation experts usually install more than just audio systems. If you haven’t yet come to that conclusion from the cavalcade of additional services mentioned in this write-up, now you know it entirely. See, it’s about the driving experience. As has been mentioned, life is short; so when you’re stuck in a car for hours on end, you really ought to make the best of it. You and any passengers you might have. There’s no reason not to!

Look for an installation shop operated by skilled professionals. Folks that have been at the audio enhancement game since at least the 80s. Up-front advice should come accompanied with old-school, cogent, personable customer services. And that’s a trend you’re looking for in regard to any job; whether it be high-end GPS installation or a DVD player in the dash. Years of training ought to be combined with new technology for a comprehensive, satisfying, worthwhile experience.

Not enough can be said about the proper installation and tuning of car audio and mobile electronics; so be sure and find an expert that will cogently service you. Finally, quotes should be free. There really isn’t any reason to have a non-free quote! Except incompetence. You can expect an incompetent service to know their failings and try to force individuals into spending money anyway. But competent installation experts will be harried by no such ridiculousness, and can give you the straight truth immediately.


One of the best services for car stereo installation in Sydney is Auto Acoustics. Certainly, they specialise in more than simply car stereo installation in Sydney! Audio-visual installations, Digital TV, Digital Car Radio and more can be had at reasonable rates from seasoned professionals at Auto Acoustics.

Car Audio Speakers: What you need to know


Speaker systems аrе vеrу important bесаuѕе thеу аrе thе units thаt асtuаllу reproduce thе sound frоm electrical energy. Whеn I buy speakers, I оnlу wаnt tо gеt high end. Hеrе іѕ whаt уоu nееd tо know, аnd whаt tо lооk for:

First, let’s start wіth thе types оf speakers thаt you’ll encounter іn thе car audio world.

Woofer: A large speaker designed tо reproduce thе lоwеr frequencies оf thе audio spectrum.

Mid: A medium sized speaker designed tо reproduce thе middle frequencies оf thе audio spectrum.

Tweeter: A small sized speaker designed tо reproduce thе highest frequencies оf thе audio spectrum.

There аrе оthеr variations оf thеѕе speakers аvаіlаblе аѕ well

You’ve сеrtаіnlу heard оf “subwoofers” thаt reproduce thе lowest оf thе audio frequencies. Essentially, thеѕе аrе thе ѕаmе thіng аѕ woofers, јuѕt bigger аnd wіth mоrе power handling. Thе result? Thunderous bass! Lіkе thе gods ѕеnt іt themselves…

You mіght аlѕо encounter “midbass” drivers. Thеѕе аrе similar tо woofers, but аrе uѕuаllу uѕеd tо bring mоrе bass tо thе front soundstage. Oftеn times, thеу аrе connected tо crossover networks.

Another type оf speaker уоu mіght encounter іѕ called а “supertweeter”, аnd reproduces thе highest frequencies іn thе audio spectrum.

Now, tо shock you..

When уоu buy а “speaker”, уоu аrе асtuаllу buying а speaker system. AKA, mоrе thаn оnе thіng working tоgеthеr tо produce а result. Let’s tаkе а lооk аt thе types оf speaker systems available…


Basically, thеrе аrе twо types оf speaker “systems” thаt exist.

1. “Coaxial”, “three way”, “full-range”, etc.

These speaker systems аrе designed tо fit іntо thе factory speaker location іn уоur vehicle. Thеу аrе оftеn referred tо аѕ а “speaker”, but hаvе mоrе thаn оnе speaker, аnd wіll аlѕо соntаіn а crossover. (coaxialspeak.jpg)

2. “Components”, “Seperates”

These speaker systems essentially tаkе еvеrуthіng frоm thе аbоvе speaker system, аnd break іt uр іntо parts. (componentspeak.jpg)


To restate thе obvious, оnе speaker system hаѕ аll оf іtѕ components іn оnе package, аnd thе оthеr speaker system hаѕ аll оf іtѕ components іn seperate packages. Bоth speakers dо thе exact ѕаmе thing, аnd work іn thе exact ѕаmе way, BUT COMPONENT SYSTEMS ARE BETTER.


I’ll tеll you, hoss!

But bеfоrе I do, уоu ѕhоuld knоw аbоut thе PROPERTIES OF HIGH FREQUENCIES. OK, it’s boring, ѕо I’ll give уоu thе executive summary: High frequencies аrе extremely narrow іn thеіr dispersion. (Whu huh?) In short, high frequencies (if wе соuld ѕее them) disperse lіkе а string. Lоw frequencies, іf wе саn ѕее thеm disperse lіkе а fan. So, ѕіnсе high frequencies don’t disperse vеrу well, thеу nееd tо bе aimed аt thе ears, оthеrwіѕе wе won’t hear them! Thіѕ іѕ оnе оf thе advantages оf component systems; thеу аllоw thе tweeters tо bе aimed! Whу dо wе wаnt this? Sо whеn а singer hits аn “s word”, оr а cymbal crashes (both оf thеѕе thіngѕ happen іn thе higher frequencies), thе sound wіll SPARKLE, rаthеr thаn sound dead аnd flat.

PIX: tweeterdisperse.jpg, wooferdisperse.jpg

Another advantage оf components: Thеіr crossovers аrе uѕuаllу higher quality units thаn you’ll find іn coaxial оr full-range speakers systems. Thіѕ іѕ good bесаuѕе you’ll introduce lеѕѕ distortion tо уоur speakers, аnd bе сеrtаіn thаt уоur speakers аrе оnlу playing thе frequencies thаt they’re designed tо play. Thе result? BETTER SOUND.

The lаѕt advantage оf components іѕ thаt thеу аrе GENERALLY designed fоr people whо аrе mоrе interested іn sound quality. Bесаuѕе оf this, components аrе generally higher іn quality. Whеn іt соmеѕ tо coaxials, еvеn thе mоѕt expensive models wіll bе eclipsed bу thе quality оf components іn thе ѕаmе price range.

OK, OK. I knоw nоt еvеrуоnе wіll соnѕіdеr component speaker systems. Thе truth іѕ thаt thеу аrе harder tо install properly аnd mоrе expensive. Of course, іf sound quality іѕ уоur thing, you’ll gо thrоugh thе extra effort! Evеn car manufacturers аrе gеttіng wіth thе program thеѕе days, аnd include component speaker systems іn thеіr vehicles. Evеn mу lowly Honda Civic hаѕ ’em!


So, you’ve рrоbаblу noticed mе uѕіng thе word “crossover” above. Whаt уоu mау nоt knоw іѕ whаt а crossover is, аnd whаt іt does. Basically, а crossover takes а full spectrum audio signal, аnd breaks іt uр іntо dіffеrеnt frequency “bands”, аnd sends thе аррrорrіаtе frequencies tо thе аррrорrіаtе speakers. Here’s а picture! (xover.jpg)

If thіѕ explanation wаѕ tоо simple fоr you, уоu саn check оut mу crossover page fоr mоrе іn depth info. Thanks!

OK, OK, OK. It’s time tо gеt dоwn tо business, аnd lооk аt speaker specifications, аnd hоw thеу affect you.


This іѕ оftеn expressed іn inches (but ѕоmеtіmеѕ metric fоr european brands), аnd refers tо thе MOUNTING оf thе speaker, nоt thе actual speaker. Fоr rоund speakers, thе diameter іѕ gіvеn ѕuсh аѕ 6.5″ оr 5.25″. Fоr oval speakers, thе dimensions аrе given, ѕuсh аѕ 5×7″ оr 6×9″.

Mounting Depth:

Basically, thіѕ tells уоu hоw deep thе speaker іѕ bеhіnd іtѕ mounting. Mоѕt speakers аrе аbоut 3-4″ inches deep. Thіѕ іѕ important tо knоw bесаuѕе уоu wаnt tо bе ѕurе thаt thеrе іѕ еnоugh room bеhіnd thе speaker tо mount іt properly.

Frequency Response:

This tells уоu whаt frequencies thе speaker іѕ capbale оf reproducing. Mоѕt good speakers wіll gо аѕ lоw аѕ 50hz, аnd аll thе wау tо 20,000hz (and beyond). However, іf you’re planning tо add subwoofers tо уоur system, уоu don’t nееd уоur speakers tо gо muсh lоwеr thаn 100hz. Also, it’s nоt essential fоr уоur speakers tо gо higher thаn 20,000hz ѕіnсе uѕ lowly humans can’t hear аnуthіng іn thаt frequency range.

Power handling:

This іѕ thе amount оf power а speaker саn handle wіthоut gеttіng damaged. Thіѕ іѕ uѕuаllу expressed іn twо ways: RMS аnd MAX. RMS іѕ whаt thе speaker саn handle continuously, аnd thе MAX rating tells whаt thе speaker саn handle іn short bursts.


This іѕ measured іn Ohms, аnd tells уоu hоw muсh resistance thе speaker has. Basically, thе оnlу thіng uѕеful аbоut thіѕ spec іѕ ѕо уоu knоw whаt amp tо hook уоur speakers uр to. Mоѕt car speakers (with thе exception оf subwoofers) аrе 4 ohm speakers, аnd аll auto amplifiers аrе built tо handle а 4 ohm “load”. Mоѕt amps саn аlѕо handle 2 ohm loads, but 2 ohm speakers аrе vеrу rare. I wоuld ѕау thіѕ spec іѕ muсh mоrе important whеn іt соmеѕ tо subwoofers rаthеr thаn speaker systems.


Measured іn db, sensitivty essentially tells уоu hоw loud а speaker wіll be. Whеn powering уоur speakers оff оf а lоw power amplifier, уоu wаnt а mоrе sensitive speaker. Whеn powering уоur speakers оff оf а high power amplifier, thе sensitivty rating іѕ muсh lеѕѕ important. Also, mоrе sensitive speakers tend tо distort mоrе easily.

A quick word аbоut power handling, amps аnd distortion…

SPEAKERS DO NOT GET DESTROYED BY VOLUME, BUT BY DISTORTION! Aѕ such, іt іѕ уоur main goal tо limit thе amount оf distortion thаt уоur speakers receive. Nоt оnlу dоеѕ thіѕ mаkе уоur music sound better, but іt аlѕо protects уоur speakers frоm premature damage.


Buying аѕ muсh power аѕ уоu саn afford, еvеn іf іt exceeds thе “power handling” spec fоr уоur speakers.

WHAT?!!! WHY??!!!

Because, because, bесаuѕе turning uр thе volume tоо high іѕ whаt саuѕеѕ уоur amplifier tо “clip”. Thіѕ іѕ thе worst distortion thаt уоu саn send tо уоur speakers. It іѕ caused bу trуіng tо gеt tоо muсh volume оut оf аn amp thаt can’t provide it. SOOOO, уоu gеt а BIG, BAD amp wіth plenty оf power. Now, whеn уоu turn uр thе volume high, іnѕtеаd оf pushing thе amp’s limits, you’re јuѕt starting tо gеt thе amp going. So, іnѕtеаd оf clipping, thе amp sends а nice clean signal tо уоur speakers. Nо distortion, nо damage, NO PROBLEM!

Now thаt I’ve educated you, it’s time tо thіnk аbоut whаt уоu wаnt frоm уоur speakers…

Get Your Car Painted To Remove Surface Imperfections

When your car’s color fades, you have nothing to do except taking your car to an auto service station for paint correction. Also, there are certain conditions when the need of paint correction arises. If your car meets an accident, you probably take it to a mechanic to get the dents removed. Dent removal is a process that includes eliminating just major dents, and not scratches, marks or other surface imperfections. If you want your accidental or damaged car to look like a brand new piece, the only solution left for you is to get it painted. Paint correction is a part of restoration.

Paint correction, as a service of restoration, includes mechanically polishing a car’s paint to remove scratches, oxidization, swirl marks and other surface imperfections caused by accidents, weather exposure, birdlime or chemical fall out. The typical car paint correction process involves many steps as follows:

  • To start with, the vehicle is rinsed and soaked under a blanket of snow foam.
  • The wheels are cleaned using PH neutral wheel cleaner to remove break dust and car tar spots, while the car paint is soaking to loosen up the dirt.
  • Then the car’s body is washed with clean water using the “two bucket” method, which minimizes contaminant transferal to the cars paintwork and the infliction of wash marks. Lambs wool wash mitts are used to carry out washing.
  • The body and the wheels are dried completely using using “waffle weave” and microfibre drying cloths.
  • After washing and drying the car, the next step is to remove bonded contaminants. It provides a smooth surface ready for machine polishing.
  • Thickness of the car paint is meticulously measured using a Fischer paint thickness gauge. If any area is found to be thinner than desirable, it’s adjusted to avoid breaking pain.
  • Before the car is ready for machine polishing, paint condition is carefully checked with the aid of a Brinkman paint inspection lamp.
  • The car is then painted using an electrical machine polisher. Starting from the finest grade of polish, the paint work gradually moves to coarser grades of polish as required to achieve a good level of correction and ensure smooth finish.
  • At the very next stage, painter perform some localized wet sanding, which helps in achieving full removal of any RDS (random deep scratches). Paint thickness is again measured. If the paint is too thin, wet sanding will not be possible.

Auto Parts Warehouse and Parts Train for Automotive Products

Both Auto Parts Warehouse and Parts Train are online stores that offer automotive parts for all types of cars. If you currently work on your car and want to save money, not to mention time, you should check out these online stores to see if they have the parts that you need for your car.
Generic v/s Specific Automotive Products at Auto Parts Warehouse and Parts Train

Many of the parts that are offered at Parts Train are generic parts for any automobile. You can shop for oil, fluids and other items that you would otherwise get at an automotive store. On the other hand, Auto Parts Warehouse is a discount online retailer that focuses more on specific auto parts for your car. Both of these online stores offer a discount when it comes to auto parts, especially when compared with off line stores.

Getting a Good Deal on Automotive Products at Auto Parts Warehouse and Parts Train
When you purchase auto parts for your car, you have a choice. You can purchase them right from the dealer, or from a retailer that sells auto parts. Often, the prices of the parts are marked up considerably. When you make your purchase from Auto Parts Warehouse, you can save yourself some money. The discount that you can expect to receive is about 40 percent off of the retail price that you would pay if you bought the parts in a parts store, depending on the model and make of the car. Newer car parts cost less than the older car parts.

When it comes to supplies for your car, you can get a good deal at Parts Train. Parts Train also carries auto parts for your car. If you need auto parts for a newer model car, chances are that you will find them at both of these online stores. If the car is older and the parts more rare, you will have a better chance at getting them at Auto Parts Warehouse. Both of these online stores offer products that you can use in the maintenance and cleaning of your car.

Cashing in on Online Coupon Codes
One of the best aspects about dealing with these online auto parts stores is that you can receive an online coupon code for these retailers if you do a coupon code search. You can get up to a 20 percent discount on a coupon for parts when you go to Auto Parts Warehouse and sign up to be part of their mailing list. When you are looking for coupon codes for Parts Train, you can get a 10 percent discount which is good on each purchase. Although Auto Parts Warehouse has more of a discount, Parts Train is cheaper when it comes to overall auto supplies and their discount coupon is good every time you make a purchase.

Charging it at Auto Parts Warehouse and Parts Train
Both Auto Parts Warehouse and Parts Train take charge cards as well as debit cards with charge card logos. If you are looking for auto parts or auto supplies and want to save money as well as the time it would take shopping around for the parts, you can get what you need simply by going online to Auto Parts Warehouse or Parts Train. Be sure to take advantage of the discount code when you make a purchase.

Commercial Engines Preferred Choice in the Automobile Industry

When an individual uses an automobile, they usually select a vehicle based on features and model type. Whereas, in the case of commercial clients they never consider common types of engines, they require specialized engines for many reasons. The commercial engines provide a better power output that is important for an industrial vehicle typically for trucks & heavy duty vehicles. Always try to contact a dealer that offer types of commercial engine to customers’. Also, you can get assistance from the online space to find references of diesel engine provider that also provide repair & maintenance services.

Classification of Engines

The selection of commercial engine are totally based on types of cylinders that produce energy and allow the automobile to move all around. Mainly, automotive engines are categorized into diesel engines, gasoline engines, and electric engines. Further, the engines that use types of fuels to convert energy into motion are classified into internal and external combustion engines. The fuel utilized in the ignition process divided into varied types including diesel, hydrogen, petrol, and gasoline.

 Better Performance

When we talk about car engines they are different in design, but few elements are similar to all engines used for the commercial vehicles. Many ways are there to determine the type of engine, first of all, the number of cylinders, ignition system, and the geometry of the block used in the engine. The two common engine types used in cars are compression ignition and spark ignition that runs on different types of fuel.

Fuel Categorization

The spark ignition type is referred as gasoline car engines, whereas diesel engines use compression ignition. There are other alternate fuels are also available such as LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), and gasohol that contains 90% of gasoline and 10% of alcohol), but these options are available in limited amounts, so it is not at all possible to use in vehicles.

Positives of Commercial Engines

Many brands are operating in the sphere that have plenty of experience in designing and building engines; you can see their details through the internet and get their services in a better manner. Quite an excellent range of engines is offered on the market that secures features like a better response, high emissions, proper torque, and high-RPM horsepower. Diesel engines are commonly used today, as they ensure a high performance and cheaper than gasoline and other types of fuels for enhanching business development and industrial activitities.

Quality car parts can ensure healthy car for a longer period of time

Car parts have to be the best in the world. Many people appreciate the value of the car and the parts that is used to run the car. We will have to make sure that we buy the best parts and resolve to keep the car in proper working condition till the day we can. Buying a car is even easy, but we will have to make sure that we are taking proper care of the car. We buy a car with all the savings that we make and it is often our dreams come true. However, with passage of time we often lose the value of it and tend to get the things wrongly done. Like we do not take care of the car properly and do not even take care of the car parts. However, we will have to make sure that the car that we own may look perfect from outside, but in reality is getting damaged from inside.

Car parts never to play around with


We will have to make sure that there are many things that we will have to take care of. When it comes to the car parts we will have to be extra careful and buy only best Car parts in Bolton. We will have to be ready with the quality parts. There are specific parts of the car that requires special attention. We can mention few like:

Engine of the car
: we should never be fooling around with the engine of the car and also make sure that when in need of replacement or repairing, we get it done from the best mechanic who has experience in the field. We will have to make sure that we get the best of the engine from the market. There are many stores but we will have to look for the one that is trustworthy and can guarantee the well being of the car for a longer period of time.

Brakes: This is one of the most important parts of the car. Since, it works with the accelerator we always need the brake ready to get the car stopped anywhere anytime. In fact there are cars that support both normal and disc brake, ensuring that even if the normal brake fails the disc will take care of it. Therefore, we will have to make sure that we buy only the best brake for our car. In fact there are many car repairing center however, we will have to look for the best Bolton car parts when we are trying to protect the car.

Door locks: When we are talking about the door lock we are being careful about the safety of the people riding it. We will have to make sure that we get the best of the door lock for the car. This will ensure the protection of the people sitting inside the car.

Apart from the entire above mentioned car parts there are many others parts which we will have to take care of. When it comes to making the most of the Car parts in Bolton we will have to get hold of the best store in the area.

How to Improve Your Car Audio System

Many vehicle owners are not satisfied for buying a new car. The auto entertainment is as important as the car’s features. One of the many add-ons that you can also consider in making sure that you car is fully equipped with the latest gadgets and electronics are nice monitors, these devices can definitely help make your audio system look better, simply because now, it caters not only to your audio needs, but also to your viewing pleasure as well. The components are being improved each passing day to upgrade sound systems. If one does not opt for these improved components, then one might just be living in the past. These improved components add greater functionality to your car audio system.

All car audio specialists agree performance is the utmost important aspect of a in-car music system. Although overall stereos have to be the same shape, alterations can be made through choice of color, the aesthetics of the display screen and the layout of the buttons. Adding new speakers to your audio system will alter your setup most dramatically. This is because your speakers are the most important units in your car audio set up. Also know that you need to add such that will fit your vehicle. The system comes with many different features from the quality of the sound to the different audio formats it supports. Along with the various features, you have to consider your budget.

Before you get one, it is beneficial to do some research and see what kind of music system you are looking for in the car stereo company. The easy way to check for car stereo systems is to get online and check on the internet. You get to look at various audio systems and enhancements. You have the option of settling for your factory installed system, however, aftermarket systems are massively superior to factory systems.

You can note down the make and model of your car so that you can ask the salesperson of the stereo company to give you options based on what you are looking for and what would best suit the kind of car you have. Check on various options within your budget and listen to the sound of the audio system before you choose one. Know the settings of the audio system so that you can operate it with ease and comfort. Car audio systems do not have to be unnecessarily ugly or even boring looking, as there are quite a number of models out there that will give your car audio system a unique and individual look. However, don’t sacrifice quality for looks as having a high quality should be a top priority.

There are a lot of things you need to know before improving your car audio system. It would be a good idea to sit and write the features you are looking for in the stereo system. You can search some information on the internet or consult your family or friends who have such experiences. And figure out what kind of features you need the most.

Learn to Strip Paint Off Your Car Bodywork Fast – Spray Paint Removal

If you are going to do a job then the motto is “do it right” and this most certainly applies when it comes to stripping paint. Most professionals when stripping the paint from panels for example will depend on a chemical process to assist them. The chemical is specifically designed for stripping paint for the most part, though these are not cheap so learning to work with them properly can save you time and money. It’s still a time consuming project. You have to apply the stripper, leave it while it does its job, then come back and scrape of the stripper, then start the process all over again.

Here are some steps to help you get the job done fast and efficiently.

Step One:

Get the surface ready. You do this by masking off the areas you don’t want stripped. Make sure you use a good quality masking tape, as you don’t want the stripper to seep under the tape. Also, be sure to mask well any openings or crevices that the stripper could get into. If this were to happen and go unnoticed then you could run into a problem later on. Stripper could easily surface up into the new paint you just recently applied.

Step Two:

There are many good chemical strippers on the market today. Make sure you read and follow all of the manufacturer’s directions exactly. Don’t just assume that the one you are using now is going to be the same as the one you used last time. Some strippers are in liquid form while others are in a paste form. One common brand that is quite good is Aircraft Remover that is specifically made for auto body use. You need to pour some of the stripper from its original contain into a disposable container. Make sure you use a chemical resistant paintbrush to apply it with otherwise you could end up with a melted brush.

Step three:

When you are applying the chemical, apply it in one direction only and don’t work too much with it. Working it too much only reduces its activity.

Step Four:

This is an important step. Once you have your stripper on then cover it with polyethylene about 2-4ml thickness. Then secure this all around the edges. The reason for doing this is that the chemical components in the stripper that are responsible for softening up the paint evaporate quickly. Whereas if you cover it then it will work for a much longer period of time. You can leave it up to two hours for tough jobs. This little technique makes that expensive stripper go a little bit further. Another hint as well is with a 40-60 grade sandpaper just rough up the surface of the paint just enough to break through the paint film then apply the stripper.

Step Five:

Remove the polyethylene, scrape, and then use steel wool to get into the crevices. Make sure all of the stripper residue is removed before proceeding. Some strippers you can rinse with water, but read the manufacturers directions according to the product you are using.

How to Choose Car Paint Colors

I have noticed that the first thing that a person notices is the color of the car am driving. People do not even notice the registration on the car. That’s why i have become so selective in choosing the cars that i drive. Selecting car paint colors for a full overhaul of your car is not easy though. These days, there are thousands of shades and variations of blue, Green, white, yellow and so on. You need to have a color code to define the exact color that you need.

I got these kind of challenge sometime back, i was forced to visit my local car dealer shop. I looked at the cars they had on display. Once i had identified the car paint colors i liked, i asked them to give me the numeric color code of that car, which they did willingly. They had to go to their computers to be able to identify that particular color code. I would not want you to go through the same process if you really do not want to.

You will realize that there are six basic car paint colors in the United States i.e. beige, blue, silver, Black, Grey and red. Variations of these shades should easily be found. Some of the car colors that have found demand in the States are Classic Black, White and Silver, orange power, blues and greens that give a sporty look, brown on the inside among many other shades. Blue is considered as classy as black while orange is the color of fashion.

Beside choosing a particular color for your car, you will need to either do the painting yourself or employ the services of a professional painter. This will cost a little more and at this point you should be better of having your job done by a paint shop.

10 Car Parts That Wear Out Before The Car Engine

We’ve all been there before: CAR HELL.  Your car ran smoothly for so many years…then, suddenly, it starts making a STRANGE NOISE.  You hope it will go away, but, one day…your car breaks down…and you have no idea why.  You’re forced to take it to the mechanic, knowing it’s going to cost you hundreds of dollars that you don’t have.  What could you have done to prevent this feeling of helplessness?  You should ALWAYS stop when anything in your car breaks (aka makes a “strange noise”).  That way, you are only fixing the small problem: not the big problem brought on by the small one!  Today’s cars should last from 100,000-250,000+ miles without major drivetrain repairs.  BUT…some parts do not last as long.  Car owners must know which parts these are and when they are likely to fail.  Then, you can check them regularly, and fix them *before* you end up spending big bucks on bigger repairs…IN CAR HELL.

Most common car problems are shared by millions of drivers a day. The good thing is they are not serious ones, and actually give you warning to avoid serious problems in the future.

To determine the most common car problems, the American Automobile Association conducted nationwide clinics at 25 AAA clubs, inspecting 6,082 vehicles with small problems that were easy to fix with a little time and money.  If you follow their lead, and do this small car fixes quickly, your car will last longer, saving you from breaking down or having an accident, according to John Nielsen, Director of Repair at AAA.

Topping my list are 4 vital engine parts which almost always wear out way before the engine does. Without proper maintenance, these can be “car killers.”  One of these parts commonly fail by 10 years or 100,000 miles,  All these parts usually fail by 200,000 miles.

1.  A car’s water pump can malfunction because it’s bearings fail, either freezing up or throwing the belt off, or the water pump seals fail, leaking engine coolant. The alternator keeps the battery charged and powers the car’s electric gadgets, and can fail in various ways.  A car’s starter can start to lag, click, or refuse to start the car…period.  A car’s fuel pump can stop working without warning, and, in worst cases, destroy it’s engine and start a fire.

2.  If your previously purring car is suddenly not so smooth on bumpy roads, it’s  got trouble with it’s shock absorbers and struts.  If fix this problem promptly, the parts may be repaired.  Wait longer and it will need new shocks or struts.

3.  When a car’s timing belt breaks, it can destroy the motor, so replace it every 50,000 miles or 7 years.

4.  Front wheel drive cars can develop bad CV joints, which are expensive.  CV joints have rubber boots which need to be replaced (and new grease added to them) every 50,000 miles.  NOTE: Check these rubber boots before every  long trip.  With proper upkeep, the axles should last 150,000+ miles.  Consider replacing them every time you do the front brakes.

5.  Most car “emergencies” happen during travel because of low fluids or rubber parts wearing out. Rubber tires and belts simply wear out much more quickly than other car parts.  Any rubber part 10+ years old should be replaced.

6.  Radiator, heater and bypass hoses often fail after 50,000 miles. Their failure  can lead to your engine overheating and serious damage to aluminum engine parts.

7.  When a car’s thermostat sticks shut, it can overheat the engine.  When a car’s engine gets hot, or it’s blows a hose, you risk damaging it’s thermostat.  Although it may still work for awhile, it will soon stick shut again, forcing the engine to overheat again.  Optimally, the thermostat should be replaced every time the car gets a new water pump or hoses.

8.  Transmission cooler lines are prone to leaking (rubber parts alert!) along with other vital seals and gaskets.  Trace leaks throughout your car’s system to discover their sources.  NOTE:  ALWAYS CHECK YOUR FLUIDS MONTHLY or EVERY 1000 MILES, and look for any abnormal fluid loss.

9.  When a car’s oil pressure light goes on, always shut the engine off as soon as possible.  NOTE:  This light may also come on when you slam the brakes or turning hard.  Let up on the gas and see if the light goes off.  If so, consider yourself lucky…and add oil ASAP.

10.  When a car’s temperature light goes on, try turning on it’s heater to cool it off. Pull over to let your car cool off as soon as you can.  Taking care of this problem now can save you a lot of money later.

Car amplifiers are the main driving factor to a great car audio system

 kinter ma-200
Car amplifiers are the main driving factor to a great car audio system

There’s no other sound component much more important than the car amp. Good quality sound can not be reached if you don’t have a car amp or that car amp is of low quality. The car amp acts as the power supply for the whole audio regimen and it does what its name says, amplifies sound. The speakers and subwoofers are only able to reach their full potential by way of a car amplifier. Car amplifiers range in power from about twenty watts per channel to more than one thousand watts per channel. Depending on the quality and features of the car amp, you’ll see a range of anywhere from 50 dollars to several thousand dollars. Those on the higher end are more built towards competition and shouldn’t really be considered when just looking to upgrade to a good quality sound system. Car amplifiers are the main driving factor to a great car audio system.

There are many features and elements constructed right into a car amp. Some of these consist of crossovers, connectors, separate acquire controls, and pre-amp inputs and outputs. Please also bear in mind that car audio amplifiers possess a power rating, but not all power ratings are created equal. Sometimes you will see a peak or max score. Don’t pay any interest to this number as it truly does not mean anything and often placed on the box to increase the appeal of the car audio amplifier. The only score you want to take a look at is R.M.S. which stands for root mean square. This will be the benchmark figure and gives a much more correct indication of the energy output because it will be the average continuous power output over time.

Obviously the grade of the car amplifier should also be considered like anything else. One instant technique to typically identify quality is just checking the weight and size of the car amp. Higher quality amps regularly will have bigger heatsinks to house more components, better components and bigger components. While this can almost always be a quick and dirty way to determine the quality, it shouldn’t used strictly as the deciding factor. You really have to dig into some of the numbers to be sure because there are some high quality car amps that don’t necessarily follow this logic.

When buying for a car audio amplifier, you will be certain to come across a term called “Class”. This really is essential because it refers to how the amp operates and how effective it is. The three types most likely to be encountered are Class A, A/B, and D. Class A are extremely uncommon in automobile sound systems because they’re the least efficient, consuming the most power simply because they run constantly, but generally they also produce the very best audio. Class A/B car amps are the most typical types you’ll see in cars simply because they are much more effective than Class A. Subwoofers usually will probably be powered by Class D types. These are probably the most effective when it comes to energy output and consequently Class D type amps will probably be smaller and will generate a lot less heat than the other classes.

 An imperative element to think about for your car amplifier is the connection format. Numerous factory-installed receivers merely contain speaker-level inputs that will demand special adaptors. This will routinely work very well. However, you could encounter some distortion through the speakers. In that event, you might want to consider a new CD/MP3/AM/FM receiver, depending on your budget and audio demands. An amp normally carries a device to separate diverse frequencies and lessen distortion. This is what’s called a crossover. Your amplifier should have one crossover for high-frequency notes and one more for low-frequencies.

1 last feature I wish to discuss is something known as bridging. This allows the car amp to combine multiple channels into a 1 channel or 2 channels. So if you have a 4 channel car amplifier, you can bridge this down to 2 channels or a 2 channel car amp could be combined into 1 channel. For example, If you have a 2 channel car audio amplifier and you want to use it to power a subwoofer, you probably would want to bridge these channels down to one channel and use this to energy the subwoofer. Essential feature of a car audio amplifier because it provides for flexibility in the setup.

Motorcycle Car 4 channel Stereo Amplifier Channel : 2 main channel & 2 surround channel output Other function: FM radio USB port ,SD card port ,AV port , Mp3 port Bass & Treble & Volume Control RCA input/ 3.5mm earphone jack(MP3/Ipod) input USB / SD Card slot Remote Control Thermal / Overload / Short Circuit Protectionkinter ma-200

Qatar Classic Cars, a Classic Love

Classic car lovers in Doha the capital of Qatar are willing to face the bumps to go after their passion. Classic, Antique or some may call vintage cars until very recently appeared to be a territory only the rich royalties and the VIPs are allowed to enter. However, this perception has gradually changed, and now the market holds possibilities for even the enthusiasts that are willing to spare a bit over a hundred-thousand Qatari Riyals the equivalent to twenty-thousands US Dollars. This became possible due to the economic boom the area is witnessing, efficient communications with classic car dealers in Houston, along with the superior supply chain management allowed cars in Houston to be transported at low costs.

It now became possible for a knowledgeable enthusiast, with patience, and time at their disposal to buy classic car in Qatar, or an antique car in Dubai, or even a classic car to be shipped from Houston. It became possible to start the process with the equivalent of three thousand US dollars, or in other words for less than the ca was worth in the seventies or eighties.

This however sometimes holds true, and sometimes does not. For instance, Morris Minors was valued in Dubai and Qatar at about QR 15,000 in the eighties. It is very difficult to sell such a car for QR 10,000 in 2007 according to a car dealer. Cars that were easy on the pocket back in their peaking days are unlikely to hold value over the years. Hence, exceptions always pop up, for instance this fact doesn’t hold true with the iconic mini.

I respect, and always reflect my articles with both mine and the apposing; however I do not see a Qatar classic car dealer’s opinion holding true. He said “The classic car market, if it can be called that, will flourish because people have bought [these cars] for nostalgia and recreation — not for financial gain,” says a dealer in classic cars. “Most people, who have bought a classic car in the last ten years, knew their cars would have seen a rise on the value.” To contradict, According to Classic Car magazine, the US has seen a growth in the market for classic cars, particularly American sports cars of the 1960s and 1970s. Cars, such as Chevrolet Corvettes and Camaros, Ford Thunderbirds and Pontiacs, are said to have doubled in value over the past three years.

As I have been promising throughout the article series dedicated to Qatar classic car, the research journey has not stopped, rather the more research I make, the more I am interested to learn about the differences in tastes and markets.

How to Choose the Car Spare Parts Effectively?

It is quite obvious to see that your car often needs maintenance or replacement of old parts just to ensure that car is running efficiently, and all of this becomes a lot important when you have invested a good amount of money in your car.

Individuals looking for spare parts or maintenance of their machinery then the best thing to look for are mirrlees Blackstone es8 parts. These parts can be easily purchased from the locals shops or can also be purchased online. However one of the most important thing to give due consideration is its pricing and to find if this equipment is economical to use. Once you have found out the part which needs to be replaced or repaired, then the next thing to work upon is to find out in which shop such part is available and if the quality of such material is worth purchasing or investing in.

Where to Buy these Spare Parts from?

Individuals can purchase these spare parts from the options mentioned below;

• For customers in search for good quality spare parts can have a look at the dealers located nearby to their official or residential places. However the choice of such spare parts should be done after closely scrutinizing the company on their quality and benchmarks, and if they are found effective then these companies are probably the best choice to make.

• Once the local dealers have been checked upon, next place wherein one can search for spare parts is look for them online. While you are surfing online websites, there are chances you will come across various options. This makes the task much simpler for you, wherein you can compare the costs, quality, and reputation of companies competing in the market and thus make choice of the best company.

• Another favorable option to look for crankshaft grinder spares is the junk yards or car scrap areas. These places or dealers have spare parts available at their end and it would be quite easy to locate or find spare parts in such places. Another favorable thing about approaching this place is, these car spare parts are available in bulk. Herein complete and good tests of spare parts are also done, to ensure customers of the quality of goods they are purchasing.

There are various options available while we are looking for mirrlees Blackstone es8 parts as there are number of websites available online which has been made available for the customers for their convenience. Thus customers can just log on to the websites and look out for the relevant parts which are of their use and pick any of them which suits them best. This is not all, tons of variety is kept at the disposal of customers which makes them do the perfect choice and choose something which can meet their complete requirements and bring the best out of their car functioning and working.

The above mentioned options can thus be chosen for making choice of car spare parts and picking up companies and parts which can suit their requirements best.

Advantages that you get with used Toyota diesel engines

Engines are the main component of any automotive as it decides the performance and functionality of car. New engines make car owners feel happy and satisfied with a perfect output that suits owners’ driving needs. On the other hand, an old engine is non-performing, offers consistent problems, and makes  things tough for car owners when they are on road. When it comes to making the car go smooth and offer desired results, old engines need to be repaired or replaced with new ones. If the engine is beyond repair and budget is restricted, then buying a used engine can make a difference.

Check mentioned-below points if you are going to buy used Toyota diesel engines for sale. These points will help you know whether your purchase has any value or not. These points are like advantages that you should check that you can get after purchasing the engine. Let’s discuss them.

  • A used but reconditioned or remanufactured engine burns less fuel. It happens due to the engine’s higher temperature of combustion and greater expansion ratio. The engine also converts over 45% of the fuel energy into mechanical energy.
  • The engine doesn’t have any electrical ignition system (high voltage), and it also offers high reliability and easily adapts to the wet environment.
  • The used engine can function well for a longer time period due to the increased strength of parts used. Diesel fuel has improved lubrication features and is used for these purposes: injector lubrication, injector cooling and injection for combustion.
  • Diesel fuel is safe, does not explode and release high flammable vapors. This way diesel engines are a better option for automotive purposes.
  • The used engine is also fuel efficient as it has performance-enhancing parts that replaced old and exhausted ones.
  • The used engine can face super- or turbo-charging pressure and it gets constrained only by the strength of engine components.
  • The used engine emits minimal carbon monoxide content of the exhaust.

If you find all mentioned-above advantages in your used Toyota diesel engines, make sure you have a perfect, affordable and performing engine that is going to revive your old Toyota car and bring it back into action instantly. If you are a Toyota car owner and looking for an old engine that can perform well and help you save money from being invested in a brand new engine, then go online and find various online stores that offer you Reconditioned Toyota Avensisengines for sale. While making a purchase, give special attention on the seller’s reputation, goodwill, and status in the market as these things help you get the best used engine with the least efforts.

Aston Martin V12 Zagato English Italian style car

What if a vehicle combines Italian elegance and a powerful sports car from England? Aston Martin V12 Zagato Concept is a plausible answer. Only 150 units are produced Zagato V12 for sale starting at £ 330,000 (about $ 525,000) in the second half in 2012.

On the anniversary of the legendary 50-year model DB4GT Zagato, the British car company – the Aston Martin Zagato design company held an opening ceremony Zagato V12 supercar at the Villa D’Este Concours event (Italy) . More interesting from the Italian manufacturer has officially confirmed that they would bring this concept to mass production line in 2012 and the end of the first V12 Zagato to customers.

Legendary names like DB4GT Zagato, DB7 Zagato and V8 Vantage Zagato was established by the combination of Zagato and Aston Martin. And now, once again the perfect link to this revival with V12 Zagato version was developed based on the chassis of the V12 Vantage and the use of technology One-77 supercar.

“Zagato style to spice up an Aston Martin car becomes perfection in terms of both design and engineering. After 50 years of collaborative work of two companies, the legendary super car born is demonstrated most clearly, “Mr. Ulrich bez, CEO of Aston Martin said.

This partnership was officially launched in 2010 by the conference between Aston Martin and Zagato to design, tolerance design features of both brands. This issue has been discussed thoroughly before proceeding to ‘molded’ V12 Zagato.


Easy to find harmony and balance in the Aston Martin V12 Zagato, between the combination of powerful performance of a race car and classic style of an Aston Martin in style. This attraction has been possible from previous blockbuster DB4GT now be refreshed under the name V12 Zagato.
Design team with engineers from Aston Martin, led by Chris Porritt, head of the One-77 technical no shortage of experience and skills with special projects, which we witnessed unique style of Zagato V12 come true in a very short period of time.

Property aluminum body crafted, Aston Martin V12 Zagato concept exuding graciousness muscle but not least, thanks to technical applications tilt pre-formed.

According to design director – Marek Reichman: “Design team at Gaydon spent a lot of time refining the concept V12 Zagato. They use from advanced computer models to model clay to get ideas, style and details. Zagato V12 design provide elegant but equally underground tanks, give a true balance between strength and speed of a traditional Aston Martin style. ”

Specifically, each wing spoiler front by seven different panel, the graft is done completely manually similar to the formation of aluminum roof from 5 independent. Meanwhile, details such as convertible twin Zagato tradition, the air cavity side car lights recessed into the body, and tail pendant created for Aston Martin V12 Zagato an aggressive appearance and full of differences.

No outside expected, under the hood of the Aston Martin Zagato V12 engine brings the power of all those happy enough wheel speed enthusiasts. “Heart” of the car is the engine capacity of 6.0 liter V12 can produce the maximum capacity of 517 kW and 570 Nm of torque like the V12 Vantage cars.

The engine paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission with automatic shift system and a manual (ASM / SSM) electric hydraulic control helps distribute thrust to the rear wheels. Thus, V12 Zagato can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in five seconds before reaching a top speed of 320 km / h…

A collection of Brand Car Logos and their meanings (II)

Car Engines

Engine Fundamentals

Atoms are the building blocks of the world. Any substance that is made up of only one kind of atom is called an element. Atoms of different elements can connect up with each other. This process is called a chemical reaction. The burning of fuel in an automobile engine is a chemical reaction. We normally refer to this chemical reaction as combustion. Automobile fuels are made up mostly of two elements hydrogen and carbon. These are therefore called hydrocarbons. During complete combustion in the engine, these two elements unite with a third element, the gas oxygen. Each oxygen atom connects up with two hydrogen atoms to form water. Each carbon atom connects up with two oxygen atoms to produce the gas carbon dioxide.

During combustion of gasoline in the engine, the burning gases get very hot. Their temperatures may go as high as 3319OC. This high temperature produces the pressure that makes the engine run and produce power.

With ideal, or perfect, combustion, all of the hydrogen and all of the carbon in the gasoline would combine with oxygen to form harmless water and carbon dioxide. However in the engine we do not get ideal combustion. Instead some of the gasoline does not burn. Also some only partly burns producing carbon monoxide. The unburned gasoline and partly burned gasoline cause pollution of the air as they exit through the tail pipe with the exhaust gases. This is the reason that cars are equipped with anti pollution devices called emission controls. These devices reduce the amount of pollutants coming from the engine.

The concepts involved are expansion of solids with heat. Any solid like the metal in an engine piston, expands and gets larger as its temperature increases. However the piston must be free to move up and down in the cylinder, even if it gets very hot. The piston is designed so that it does not expand too much. If it did it would stick in the cylinder and the engine would be damaged.

Fluids also expand with heat. The rules are pressure increases with increasing temperature. The rule works the other way too. The second rule is temperature increases with increasing pressure. Both rules are at work in the engine cylinders. First a mixture of air and gasoline vapor is taken into the cylinder. Then the piston moves up to compress this mixture. Compressing the mixture – increasing the pressure on the mixture – makes it hot. Next, the compressed mixture is ignited, or set on fire. It burns producing a very high temperature. The high temperature causes high pressure. The high pressure pushes the piston down. This motion is carried to the car wheels so that they turn and the car moves.

Other concepts involved are the thermometer, the thermostat, gravity, atmospheric pressure, vacuum and humidity. The atmospheric factors affecting combustion in the engine are changes in temperature, atmospheric pressure, and humidity. They affect the way the fuel burns and the power output of the engine. Accurate testing of the engines requires that all readings be corrected to account for temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity.

Internal Combustion Engines

Automotive engines are called internal combustion (IC) engines because the fuel that runs them is burned internally, or inside the engines. There are two types, reciprocating and rotary. By reciprocating we mean moving up and down or, back and forth. Almost all automotive engines are the reciprocating type. In these engines pistons move up and down, or reciprocate in cylinders. This type of engine is called a piston engine.

In this way scientific and engineering principles help us understand how engines work.

Five Signs That Warn You about a Faulty Engine

For a car owner, nothing is more frightful than having a malfunctioning engine, and the problem can worsen if you ignore the signs that your car gives before breaking down. Not every engine-related problem will cost you dearly; some issues—if detected early—will require you replacing a gasket or performing some minor repairing tasks. However, if these issues are not detected in advance, they can cause an engine to be replaced. That is why; we have shared four of the most common signals that a car gives to its owner before going out of kilter.

Warning Lights

If your car is in good working condition, then one by one each of the lights turns off. If they don’t , then it is a sign that there is something wrong. Basically, these lights are connected to sensors that monitor everything about your car. If there is something out of order, the computer tells you about it using these lights. These lights indicate towards problems such as, check oil/oil level low, oil pressure low and check engine. The “check engine” light may point various problems out, including loose screw cap, worn pistons and others. In this case, you call a technician to identify the exact trouble.

Not so smooth driving

Driving should be free of surging, jerking, or stalling. If you find difficulty in maintaining smooth driving, this is pretty strong sign of an engine trouble. The problem could be due to clogged fuel lines, fuel filter and fouled spark plugs. In order to avoid this situation, you should consider oil change and belt replacement at recommended intervals.

Rude Noises

If there is a tapping or popping sound, your car engine is battling with serious problems. This situation may indicate towards detonation within the engine’s cylinders, can result in expensive. Likewise, if you experience a grinding noise while starting your car, it means there is a problem with starter motor. Further, in case you hear grinding or tickling noise from injectors, it is right time to take your car to an experienced technician.

Foul Smells

Any foul smell inside your car may signify oil or coolant leaking from their closed-loop system, or it may be a sign of emission of dangerous exhaust gases, such as carbon monoxide. The smell of burning rubber may indicate towards faulty belts beneath the hood.

These problems can damage your car engine’s to a great extent, which may create an urge to get the entire unit replaced with reconditioned one. There are many online retailers offering reconditioned Fiat Doblo engines, and for other cars at affordable price tags.

Maintaining the Different Parts of Your Car

Many car owners spend lots of money on car repair. Why? That’s because they take for granted the most important thing that car owners must do: preventive car maintenance.

Preventive car maintenance is vital to ensure that our cars are still in their proper conditions. Maintenance includes the regular  diagnosis of car parts such as batteries, tires, engine, transmission, brakes, and auto ac among others. Running diagnosis from time to time avoids the occurrence of major auto repair problems that mechanics might have otherwise overlooked.

Here are some of the important auto parts that you should maintain regularly:

  • Engine

For engine maintenance, always check if you have the right supply of motor oil. Also, never forget that motor oils should be replaced properly for your engine to run perfectly. Make sure that your oil filter is also not worn yet. Oil filters are the main line of defense of any engine against abrasion and wearing.

  • Transmission

Check your automatic transmission fluid regularly. Changing fluid is very cheap compared to doing a transmission replacement. This is taken for granted most of the time, and by the time car owners realize that they need to change their automatic transmission fluid, it is too late.

  • Brakes

Brakes are the most important safety feature of your car. Change brake fluids regularly to ensure that your brakes will work at its maximum potential. Also, make sure that you use the right brake fluid required for the type of your vehicle. Though this may seem obvious, there are still a considerable number of people who made mistake of using the wrong brake fluid.

  • Tires     

Replace tires every now and then. If you see first signs of wearing, go to a tire shop immediately. Many road accidents are caused by worn tires). Always pay attention to the inflation pressure, tread depth, and general condition of the tires of your vehicle.

  • Batteries

If you do not want to experience doing jump starts, monitor the state of your battery. Make sure there are no leaking acids and that there are ample supply of distilled water.

  • Auto AC

Your auto ac should also be taken care of to avoid paying for AC repair. Normally, ac repair are due to coolants or antifreeze defects. So make sure that there is correct amount of antifreeze in your car because problems with the cooling system of any car poses huge risks. Remember that anti freeze work three very important functions: they prevent coolants from freezing during winter, prevent overheating during summer, and prevents corrosion.

11 Steps to Spray Paint Your Car Like the Professionals – Car Bodywork Paint Repair

You will be surprised to see just how to spray car paint really can be easy. That doesn’t mean that you can just grab a tin of paint and go at it. There are some basics you need to know. Both in the preparation and application.

Step A:
Prepare by gathering all of your items that you are going to need. Make sure your surrounding area is protected against any possible over spray. Any parts that do not need to be sprayed and that can be removed then do so. For other areas cover well with paper and masking tape.

Step B:
You will have to examine the car carefully for any rough spots. These will need to be sanded with 300 grit sand paper. This will smooth out the rough spots. It also allows the spray car paint to adhere better. Once you have finished sanding, make sure all of the dust dirt and debris are removed from the vehicle. It’s imperative that the car be perfectly clean.

Step C:
You will need to apply a primer. This will make sure that you get an overall even coat of your colored paint plus helps the paint to adhere well. When you spray the primer, make sure you apply light coats and allow for drying in between. How to spray car paint takes a little getting used to.

Step D:
Now you are pretty well to the point where you are about ready to spray the color. You may have decided to use the spray car paint that comes in aerosol cans, or perhaps you have opted for the spray gun. In either case, make a few practice strokes on an object before you start with the car. Once you are ready, start the passes with the paint without hesitation. If you hold the spray can or gun in one spot, you will end up with uneven coverage and possibly the paint will run. If this happens you have a major repair job on your had. You will most likely have instructions as to how to spray car paint using the equipment or spray cans.

Step E:
It’s up to you whether you want to wet sand between coats of primer and color paints. You may want to research this option on the web, or check with someone that is familiar with how to spray car paint

Step F:
Once you are totally satisfied with the color, you are down to the finishing touches. You will now want to apply several clear coats. This will give the gloss and finished look to the car as well as protect the finish. Probably two coats will be sufficient but it will be up to you. Make absolutely sure it is dry in between coats.

Step G:
Once again, you have the option of wet sanding if you prefer. Again, I suggest you ask the advice of individuals that are familiar with how to spray paint a car. If you decide to follow this step then you need to wet sand with the following grits in this order. Use 800, 1000, 1200, 1500 and the finally the 2000. This will remove spots that may be too heavy in the clear coat application.

Step H:
Now you will want to using a rubbing compound to buff the surface so you can use a 2000 grit to remove any scratches.

Step I:
You should now buff the surface. To do this simply use a medium cut polish. Once you have done this, you should have a perfect glassy look to the finish.

Step J:
As a final touch, you may want to apply a few coats of wax.

Some Basic Facts About A Car Engine

If you ever open the hood of your vehicle you will notice the car engine which may seem like a big jumble of metal to a novice. Sometimes it is good to know how it works. If you are planning to purchase a brand new car then you often come across similar terms like “dual overhead cams” or “3.0 liter V-6”. These are all terms meant to denote the capacity of a car engine to generate power.

Numerous car manufacturing giants are coming up with cars made from the latest technologies. Recently Lamborghini released its plans to come up with a car with 12-cylinder engine. It will come with 6.5 liters displacement, an output of 525 kW and maximum torque of 690 Newton meters. In the quest to come with high-powered vehicles, car manufacturers are out-doing each other in the car market. All over US, whether in cities like Chantilly or Burke, people are always looking to buy vehicles which have engines built with the latest technologies.

In cars the most common engine used is the internal combustion type in which combustion takes place internally. Gasoline is primarily converted to motion which helps the vehicle to move. The easiest way to create motion from gasoline is by simply burning it inside the car engine. Technologies used in such engines are improving day by day, so it is important for any car mechanic in US, even those in cities like Annandale and Chantilly to stay updated with the latest machine in the market in order to know how to effectively perform an engine repair.

 There are two primary things to remember:

1. There are numerous kinds of internal combustion engines which are used in modern day vehicles. Some of them are diesel and gas turbine engines.

2. Experienced mechanics, who deal in engine repair, would be able to tell you that apart from internal combustion engines there are external combustion ones too. The example of such machines would be a steam engine. The fuel in these types burn outside in order to create steam which in turn creates motion for the vehicle.

If you are looking for a professional and experienced mechanic to help you with engine repair – Chantilly and Fairfax are some cities in US where people can take their car for servicing to experts from Advanced Automotive Inc. They provide the AAA-approved nationwide car repair warranty which is for a year or 12,000 miles. In order to know further about their services visit their official website